Mother Hits A Wild Lion With Bare Hands To Save Her 5-Years-Old Child!!

A wild mountain lion attacked a five-year-old child, causing multiple injuries. However, his mother jumped in to rescue the child and delivered tons of punches on the lion, risking her own life. The video went viral, and the lady gathered a million praises for her heroism. 

A California woman recently turned the limelight with her heroic adventure. She has now been titled a “hero” for rescuing her 5-year-old kid from the attack of a mountain lion. Though the incident left the little child with tons of injuries on his head, neck, and other body parts, the mother ultimately saved him. With the kid bleeding after the attack, he was rushed to the hospital. 

Captain Patrick Foy, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife spokesman, elaborated on the complete incident. He revealed that the little kid enjoyed a good game by a tree near his house in Calabasas, Los Angeles. However, suddenly, a 65-pound wild mountain lion stepped into the scene and attacked him. He further highlighted the shivering acts of the lion, revealing that the beast dragged the kid about 45 yards before he caught his mother’s eyeballs. 


His mother suddenly saw her kid struggling in the clutches of the lion and quickly reached the location. Foy said, “the woman quickly ran out of her house and started delivering multiple blows on the lion, without even hesitating about her own life.” He titled the mother “the real hero of the story” and showers applause for her act of bravery. 

Foy added that though the mother managed to save her child’s life, the boy had already encountered multiple injuries on his torso, head, and neck. However, the doctors have offered quick aid, and the kid is recovering now. 

After the law enforcement was informed about the circumstances, the wildlife officers quickly reached the place and caught the mountain lion red-handed. As per the officers’ statements, the lion turned out to be dangerous for the family and was showcasing unusual behavior. Therefore, they were compelled to shoot the lion to death. They claimed to have shot the lion to offer protection to the public. The officers improved the wildlife protection in the area and assured the safety of the citizens from such events in the future. 

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