Motörhead Patches And Enamel Pins Coming This Month

MOTÖRHEAD Patches And Enamel Pins Coming This Month

Rock legends MOTÖRHEAD have partnered with Pull The Plug Patches to bring you a series of exclusive woven patches, backpatches, and enamel pins arriving this summer.

Patches for “Orgasmatron” and “Bomber” as well as enamel pins for “Bastards” will land this August, with additional new patch designs becoming available throughout the year. “Ace Of Spades” backpatches are scheduled for a late winter release.

Founded in 2018 in Newcastle, Australia, Pull The Plug Patches has taken battle vest culture by storm. By introducing unique shapes and colorways into the global patch community, Pull The Plug Patches have given battle vests in every nook and cranny of the planet a shot of adrenaline. With sales extending to all of the world’s inhabited continents, a worldwide community of metalheads have been called to arms.

Dedicated to bringing the highest-quality and most unique woven patches to market, over 500 artists have joined the Pull The Plug Patches roster to date, including ANTHRAX, BLACK SABBATH, CANDLEMASS, DISCHARGE, EXCITER, EXODUS, IRON MAIDEN, MEGADETH, METALLICA, ONSLAUGHT, PANTERA, SEPULTURA, SLAYER, THE EXPLOITED, VENOM and many, many more.

Pull The Plug Patches is featured prominently in Banger TV‘s series “The Fabric Of Metal”, which takes viewers on a cultural tour of the mainstays of metal style — from battle vests to bullet belts.

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