Movierulz Website 2021 HD Movies Watch Movies Online – Is it safe?


Films, TV Series and Web series have become the most basic form of entertainment in India as well as the world. Most of the people across the country are very much interested in watching new films and TV Series every now and then.

Hence, it was the perfect time for our readers to be introduced to another pirated website namely Movierulz. The site is always updated with new films in distinctive languages.

What is Movierulz?

Movierulz comprises films from different industries as well such as Kollywood, Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, and Mollywood. Users can either choose to download these films or stream them, according to their necessity.

It is important to note that streaming or downloading films from this website is illegal in India. In addition to this, downloading or watching these films is a criminal offense where the offenders are entitled to be punished.

Is It Legal To Use Movierulz?

The Indian government has already banned these films from the internet, nevertheless, like all pirated sites, Movierulz can be accessed using proxy links. All the content available in the website is free of cost and it is easy to access the site as well as download. All the users need to do is use Utorrent or BitTorrent apps to download these files.

Users can find films and TV Series in the following languages such as Hindi, English, Marathi, Bengali, Malayalam, Punjabi, Telugu and Tamil. All the recently released films in HD Video format are uploaded in Movierulz which users can download or stream according to their convenience.

However, it is important to note that the website is quite different from platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, MX-Player, Hotstar, among others. The site features films and TV Series in formats such as DVDScr, HDRip, Blue-ray, 720P, 1080P, and DVDRip. Moreover, the size of the video files starts from 300 MB to 2GB or more, depending on the format.

There are even times that the site is not easily found across the internet; hence users use VPNs to download files from the website. All users need to do is install a VPN and download or stream files from the site.

What Are Some Distinctive Features Of Movierulz?

The basic features of Movierulz are as follows:

  • It is free and it is an online service that can be accessed from everywhere.
  • The most intuitive feature of the site is that the content of the website is different from all regions.
  • Movierulz features completely uninterrupted streaming and download service.
  • The UI of the website is quite simple, hence it is easier to search and download or stream content from Movierulz.
  • At the time of watching a web series or a Television series, the site has an auto-play feature where the next episode can run without any delay.

As it is a pirated site, users cannot find the app of Movierulz in App Store or even in Google Play Store. The makers of Movierulz haven’t designed a dedicated app yet. However, an individual can visit the website in his or her own risk as visiting the site is illegal in the country. There is one important feature which makes the website credible is that users can be streaming the LIVE video of sports event or an important entertainment program free of cost.

How Do People Access Movierulz?

As mentioned earlier, Movierulz is banned from the country as it is illegal to download videos and files from pirated websites. By the looks of it, this is the reason why the people behind Movierulz keep on changing the proxy if the website to hide it from the government.

People who support piracy in India are well aware of this fundamental nature of changing of the proxy links. The site features films and TV Series for all kinds of audiences whether they prefer content in English or native Indian languages. The Anti Piracy cell in India has reportedly blocked the website and this has further stopped control of the website by ISP as well as Search Engine Portal across the country.

Are There Any Alternatives To Movierulz?

There are numerous alternatives to Movierulz such as:

It is important that people should avoid downloading films from these sites as it is illegal in India.


This article is to let people know about a site like MovieRulz. In no way, we encourage piracy and we also appeal to our readers to not encourage piracy in any way. We hope you all take this article in the right sense.


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