Movieswood Website 2021 – Tamil, Telugu, Hindi HD Movies Free Watch Online – Is it legal?


Movieswood is a website that allows you to download and watch movies of different languages like Tamil, Malayalam, and Telugu. The website does not charge any fees from its users. It is a pirated website that shows copyrighted and duplicated movies without having any proper license.

The site offers many Tamil and Bollywood movies. Users can watch the latest videos in high resolutions also. When compared to other websites similar to this, it is much better than the other sites.

History of Movieswood

The website used to show English, Telugu, Malayalam, and Tamil movies in the beginning. It used to indicate high rated movies and eventually got high engagements from a variety of people all over the world. As it is a piracy website, the government has banned these types of websites. Though users can go to the website and download their favorite movies. It supplies a web-based streaming facility for the visitors. The site provides excellent sound quality to the customers.

How Does Movieswood Work?

The downloading process is straightforward in Movieswood; you do not need to put too much effort into it. The website uploads all the latest films after 2-3 days of its releases and sometimes even before the release of the movie. This attracts a lot of visitors to this website from all over the world. The website earns through the promotion of several advertisements at the time of movies. You can watch films on cell phones and computers as well. The site offers the film in different resolutions as per the suitability of the customers.

Is it safe To Access Movieswood?

No, Movieswood is not a secure website as it shows pirated content to the users. The site violates the laws of anti-piracy given by the government. The government has banned these kinds of sites under the regulation of anti-piracy laws. We do not support these types of sites by any means.

The government has all the rights to punish the violators of this regulation. Whoever found violating the law would get severe punishments. Hence, it is advised to avoid sites like Movieswood who do not follow the anti-piracy legislation, to download movies. 

Is it legal To Use Movieswood?

No, as the website shows pirated content, it is not safe and legal. You must be aware that the Indian government has prohibited these types of sites that violate the anti-piracy laws. Movieswood is a kind of website similar to the torrent web address which shows the pirated content to its users without having any legal license for it as Movieswood is not permitted. Therefore we do not promote such types of websites.

The government has banned those sites that violate anti-piracy laws. It is not recommended to use these kinds of websites to download Tamil and Telugu dubbed movies from Movieswood. Go to that website which has got a proper license by the Indian government.

Alternatives to Movieswood

There are several other options when it comes to downloading films and TV Series for free. Most of the sites mentioned below are the perfect alternatives to Movieswood:

Specialties Of Movieswood 

Some key features make Movieswood unique from other similar websites. Though downloading and watching the latest films online is unlawful and dangerous. Some specialties of this website collect a lot of engagement from the people across the world. Some of those specialties are mentioned below. 

  • The customers can download the movies for free of cost.
  • The visitors can access the website from any part of the world. 
  • The users can use superior chrome extensions to watch Tamil and Telugu movies. 
  • The site keeps updating itself with the latest released movies. 
  • The customers can watch movies on mobile phones and, computers as well.
  • The users can watch the film in HD resolutions. 
  • The downloading procedure on Movieswood is quite simple and easy. 
  • The customers can easily download movies, as it has a very user-friendly interface.


We do not tolerate these websites; the contents are only written to provide information to the reader. The content is mainly for spreading awareness among people about these websites. People should practice legitimate platforms for downloading movies. If you want to watch the latest movies, then download them from a site that follows the anti-piracy laws. 

We, as a respected firm of this country, do not promote these websites by any means. These websites are meant for downloading movies in pirated forms that are not safe and illegal.


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