MrBeast has viral videos “down to a science” but he’s not sharing his YouTube secrets

Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson is one of the biggest influencers on YouTube — but he’s not interested in giving away the “cheat sheet” he’s spent millions of dollars on perfecting to achieve viral content.

Anyone who’s frequented YouTube for any amount of time has likely run into a MrBeast video. The North Carolina-based content creator boasts over 68 million subscribers on his main channel, and is best known for his philanthropic videos and insane challenges.

He’s not shy of giving out hundreds of thousands of dollars to his friends or people in need, and has even started his very own charity. These exploits, alongside his average 490 million monthly views, have amassed a major YouTube empire that’s only getting bigger.

However, it doesn’t look like the platform’s premier influencer is going to be giving away his trade secrets anytime soon. During an interview with Logan Paul on his IMPAULSIVE podcast, Donaldson admitted that he’s not interested in sharing his methods with his competitors.

Instagram: MrBeast

Alongside being a top-tier YouTuber, MrBeast has also started his very own burger chain, as well as kickstarting his own charity completely funded by viewers.

MrBeast reveals why he isn’t sharing his secret to YouTube success

“The only downside is, a lot of people copy my every move,” he said when asked if he’d ever publish a behind-the-scenes documentary about himself. “I’ve spent five years building how we do everything, and I’ve spent tens of millions of dollars f**king up so I can learn from it, and hiring, and how we do things.”

“For me to just show the thousands of creators coming for my neck exactly how I do everything would literally… [indiscernible].”

MrBeast massive half million video
YouTube: MrBeast

MrBeast is known for orchestrating huge challenges for his friends, his most recent being a $500,000 game of tag in a giant stadium.

MrBeast has created the “cheat sheet” to viral YouTube videos

That’s not all; MrBeast also claimed he’s literally created the “cheat sheet” to creating viral content — and it’s thanks to his millions of dollars spent and multiple failures that he’s come this far.

“I’ve literally been hiring and building systems for the last four to five years now to perfect how to make a viral video,” he explained. “We have it down to a science. So then, if you just see it, it’s like, ‘Oh. Now I know what to do.’ It’s easy to replicate it. Figuring it out took forever.”

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It’s easy to think MrBeast might be one of the richest YouTubers out there, but he very quickly claimed that, on paper, he’s one of the “poorest” creators in the site’s upper echelon, and spends roughly $4 million a month on producing his videos.

That isn’t stopping him from his goal of becoming “the biggest YouTuber in the world in 10 years,” though — and it isn’t a stretch to think he might achieve this status someday.

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