MrBeast leaves David Dobrik’s brother in tears with huge cash gift

When David Dobrik’s little brother tells the vlogger his favorite YouTuber is Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson, he knows exactly who to call.

After going through intense controversy from fellow Vlog Squad members and other influencers over past pranks, David Dobrik and the vlog squad have returned to the internet despite losing over 2.3 billion YouTube views and 400k subscribers.

Wasting no time after coming back, the Vlog Squad immediately got back to their usual shenanigans, including inflating a plane’s emergency exit slide in Dobrik’s backyard.

With an August 17 video uploaded to Dobrik’s channel, it starts with the squad’s usual pranks. Starting off disguising a bucket of ice water as part of their couch and hiding a Vlog Squad member in another’s bed and following it with a scene including Dixie D’Amelio before cutting over to MrBeast.

Instagram: David Dobrik

The YouTube vlogger can always be seen in his videos laughing at something

David Dobrik surprises his brother with MrBeast

Cutting over to a scene with MrBeast, the vlogger introduces him: “Hey, Guys I’m here with Jimmy, or MrBeast, OR my brother’s favorite YouTuber.” before going on to say it’s “kinda s****y” even though Jimmy thinks it’s pretty hilarious.

After telling Toby that the crew had some gifts for him, they cut over to the older Dobrik’s car where they show a frisbee they got for him since he lost one in the ocean.

“We also got you this shirt.” David goes on to say with someone holding the MrBeast branded shirt in the back seat while hiding behind it. “I hope you really like it!” Donaldson says after pulling the shirt down revealing to Toby that he was holding the shirt the whole time.

Going on to ask the YouTuber’s younger brother, MrBeast asks: “Since I’m giving you this shirt, what else would I typically give you?” After Toby answers “money?”, Jimmy pulls a silver briefcase up from his feet holding $10,000 cash.

Unknown to David, Jimmy then continues to ask Toby: “Who’s your favorite YouTuber?” to which he replies “you!” and is handed a brand new iPhone.

The video goes on to show Dobriks younger brother happy crying over the gifts, in which multiple people in the video mention how great of a reaction it is.

While David Dobrik may be heartbroken that he’s not his little brother’s favorite YouTuber, maybe we’ll see something from him trying to win him over from MrBeast.

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