Mrs Hinch fan transforms dusty space under the stairs into ‘amazing’ cleaning cupboard

Many people use the space under their stairs to throw the odd paint tin or dustpan and brush in there.

However, one woman has wowed other homeowners by transforming the dusty space under her stairs into an “amazing” cleaning cupboard with a bit of DIY.

The Mrs Hinch fan revealed the transformation in a Facebook group titled Cleaning Tips and Tricks, set up by fellow fans of the cleaning influencer.

She shared photos of the grubby space before, which showed the space in serious need of a paint.

The only things inside it at the time were a coat hook and a few buckets that had been left in there.

The space wasn’t very impressive before

However, people were amazed at the transformation as she turned it into a bright, white space full of shelves perfect for all her cleaning supplies.

The woman, named Ruby, had also installed a light fitting, which really brightened up the space.

Ruby shared a photo of the cleaning cupboard empty and then filled up with all her supplies.

She also revealed she had moved the coat hook to the door, as she hung dustpan and brushes, mops and a feather duster from it.

Under the stairs after the transformation
The woman completely transformed the space using shelves from The Range

Under the stairs after the transformation and all stocked up
Fellow Mrs Hinch fans gushed over the cupboard

Captioning the post, Ruby wrote: “Built myself a cleaning cupboard under the stairs… well happy, still loads more space for more stuff haha.”

The post quickly went viral, racking up more than 1,300 likes and hundreds of comments from fellow Mrs Hinch fan.

One exclaimed: “Such a good idea!”

As another branded it “amazing”.

A third added: “This literally makes me so happy.”

While a fourth quipped: “I am not at all jealous. Not one single bit!”

One social media user, who was clearly planning to replicate the room, asked Ruby where she got the shelves from – with her replying she’d got them from The Range.

Cleaning products hung on a coat hook on the door
The woman says she now goes in the cupboard ‘just to look at it’

While another wrote: “Wow looks great… I so would have done an excited dance if I’d created this masterpiece lol. You must be so happy with what you’ve achieved?”

Ruby replied: “I go in there a lot of time for no reason and just stand to look at it lol.”

The post comes after Mrs Hinch fans also helped another homeowner get rust off of her bath in the same group.

They gave the Wiman some helpful cleaning hacks that she could try – from The Pink Stuff cleaning paste to toothpaste and toilet cleaner.

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