Mrs Hinch fans share 38p cleaning hack to remove orange stains from tile grout

If you love a cleaning hack, Mrs Hinch knows a thing or two about that department.

The cleaning guru has amassed a mega following of 4.1million fans on Instagram.

Now fans of hers have created their own social media pages dedicated to cleaning and tidying tips.

In one of her groups on Facebook, a user asked how to remove orange stains from her shower grout.

She asked: “Hello! Top tips for getting orange/pinkish mould stains out of the grout in a shower?

“Embarrassed to say also that some of it is starting to turn black – would love any advice you all can give.”

Mrs Hinch fans use Facebook groups to share their savvy tips

Since it was shared on the popular group on Facebook, the post racked up hundreds of comments within minutes.

Some fans suggested to use bleach either with a toothbrush, bicarbonate of soda or paper towels.

One Mrs Hinch wrote under the viral post: “Bicarbonate of soda, bleach and a toothbrush.”

While another social media fan replied: “Bleach and a toothbrush.”

A third commented: “I’ve just done it this weekend on the grout and sealant.

“I put neat bleach into a spray bottle, sprayed all the grouting and sealant, left it for a couple of hours and rinsed it off.

“Pure white again – perfect!”

A fourth wrote: “Soak toilet paper or cotton wool in bleach and place it along the sealant overnight. No scrubbing needed.”

Person cleaning their bathroom
The bathroom can get quite grim if you’re not cleaning it

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As the handy cleaning hack requires bleach, you’ll be happy to know that you won’t damage the bank if you pick up a bottle.

You can purchase thin bleach for as little as 38p from Asda, while other supermarkets sell similar products for that price.

Meanwhile some Mrs Hinch fans had other suggestions, as one wrote: “Just did mine with a vinegar and bicarbonate of soda paste.

“Put it on with an old toothbrush. It needs a bit of effort to scrub in, but comes up great and no nasty chemicals.”


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