Mrs Hinch fans share cleaning hack to transform grubby toasters in two minutes

People are swearing by this £1 household hack that gets toasters sparkling in a matter of minutes.

Cleaning enthusiasts raved about the trick in a Mrs Hinch fan group on Facebook.

The forum is dedicated to internet sensation star Sophie Hinchliffe, AKA Mrs Hinch, who has an impressive 4.1 million followers on Instagram.

In the group, which has more than one million fans, a photo of a dirty toaster was posted.

It had visible rust stains and burnt on food that would be difficult to budge.

The snap was captioned: “Best thing to remove this on top of a toaster?”

People were quick to share their suggestions with the group – and the most popular recommendation was Pink Stuff paste.

One person in the group wrote: “Pink Stuff with gentle rubbing”

Another advised: “Pink Stuff and a brillo pad”

A third person said: “The Pink Stuff and a dry Scrub Daddy”

And a fourth suggested: “Pink stuff paste, two minutes and then wipe off.”

The Pink Stuff has a range of products suitable for different surfaces
The Pink Stuff has a range of products suitable for different surfaces

The fan who originally posted the photo confirmed that she took their advise and used the Pink Stuff product.

She replied: “Pink Stuff worked a treat, thank you!”

You can purchase Pink Stuff at supermarket retailers like Wilko and Sainsburys for just £1.

Even better, Amazon are selling 500g of Stardrops Pink Stuff paste for 95p

Of course, if that doesn’t work, you can always revert to good old fashioned elbow grease.


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