Mrs Hinch fans share clever tricks for cleaning TV screens with no smears

There are some parts of our home which are a nightmare to clean – whether because they’re hard to reach or made from an unusual material.

And, one such spot that’s tough to keep clean if the TV screen – the crackly, static-attracting area is annoying to keep free from dust and fuzz.

But luckily some Mrs Hinch fans have the solution!

Mrs Hinch, aka Sophie Hinchliffe, rose to fame on Instagram for her clever cleaning hacks and organising tips – she now has over four million keen followers and some of them have set up fan pages to share their clever tricks.

On one such group, a member asked for aid in cleaning their television screen which had been sprayed with a chemical cleaner that left smear marks on the appliance.

What’s your favourite cleaning habit?

The poster had tried a number of methods to remove the mark, but couldn’t get rid, claims the Express.

Responding to the post, one person noted: “I only ever use a damp cloth on a TV screen and quickly dry it off with a dry cloth. I never use chemicals of any description as they can ruin the screen.”

A second person said: “Mine was the same, just used warm water and then kitchen roll.”

A third person posted: “Electronic wipes or a soft towel with water. Anything else can ruin the screen.”

A fourth offered: “Two micro fibre cloths, one wrung out in water and detergent to wipe down a cold tv screen, use the dry one to buff.”

Electrical wipes are handy
Electrical wipes are handy

While another suggested: “E-cloths – one damp and one dry.”

Meanwhile, a cleaning fanatic commented and said that you should never use chemicals to clean a television.

They said: “Get a glass cloth from Home Depot (or anywhere) and get it damp. Not wet, but damp.

“Try gently rubbing off the chemicals and then get a new glass cloth and get it very damp and polish out any streaks.”

Another recommended: “Water and a microfibre a few times until it’s gone.’

While a third said: “I use Endust electronics cleaner after the TV has cooled. Works amazing.”

Plus, someone else suggested using a “new dry coffee filter” to “buff” the television.

Another said: “They have spray made for TVs – that’s the only thing I would use with a lint free cloth.”

How do you keep your television clean and streak free? Tell us in the comments…

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