Mrs Hinch reveals son Ronnie has ‘invisible speech needs’ after feeling ‘judged’ by other parents

MRS Hinch has revealed that her son Ronnie has “invisible speech needs” after she was left feeling judged by fellow parents.

The cleaning guru, real name Sophie Hinchliffe, shared an open letter on her Instagram story after two strangers reassured her during one of her eldest’s “meltdowns.”


Sophie Hinchliffe revealed that her son Ronnie, two, has “invisible speech needs”Credit: instagram
She shared her experience in an open letter on Instagram


She shared her experience in an open letter on InstagramCredit: instagram

The mum-of-two wrote: “It’s easy to sit and watch someone’s story but it’s a whole different story to live their life.

“Every child is different. I don’t believe in ‘labelling’ children. But I do believe in receiving diagnosis to open a door that could help make things easier for our children.

“I also believe in blessing those who see life through a different window and I have the utmost respect to those who understand their view.”

Sophie, 31, went on to recount her experience with two kind women, and then the judgement she has felt on the opposite end of the scale.

She wrote: “So dear those two women that came up to me during one of Ron’s breakdowns and said ‘Soph we’ve been there, deep breaths, don’t get upset… you’re not alone’.. You are what we need more in this world.

“To the person that felt the need to turn her nose up and proudly stare… You are the problem! Not my beautiful child,

“Parents of children who have invisible speech needs tend to feel isolated and judged enough as it is until they meet other parents sharing the same journey. So please be mindful of that.”

Ending her post, the cleanfluencer wrote: “Ronnie is our whole life.

“I will continue to remind him every single day that he is perfect, he is wished for, longed for, prayed for and our adventures are only just beginning. 

“We are so lucky and so grateful for you all. You are not alone. Together we’ve got this.”

This is the first time that Sophie has spoken out about her two-year-old’s speech needs, and fans were quick to applaud her candidness.

Responding to her messages, Sophie wrote: “My DM’s have never blown up this much so I just wanted to say thank you and share this incredible charity.”

She shared a link to the charity I CAN, the children’s communication charity, that offers practical help for parents worried about their child’s communication skills.

The mum and Ronnie has been enjoying a family break to Peppa Pig world at Paulton Park alongside husband Jamie and their youngest Lennie.

Mrs Hinch welcomes her second son Lennie in May


Mrs Hinch welcomes her second son Lennie in MayCredit: mrshinchhome/Instagram

Think your child may have speech problems?

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