Mrs Hinch’s favourite Zoflora disinfectant launches new autumn scent

Zoflora disinfectant is one of Mrs Hinch’s favourite products.

The housework whiz, whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe, uses the product to clean her home and leave it smelling great.

In videos posted to her Instagram Stories, you’ll often see her tipping it down sink plugholes to eliminate unpleasant odours.

She also uses it to disinfect areas of her bathroom including the dreaded toilet brush.

The 30-year-old, from Essex, revealed that Springtime is her favourite Zoflora scent to use around her home.

But now that autumn has rolled around, she might want to give the brand’s new fragrance a go.

Zoflora added a new autumnal disinfectant to its line up

Zoflora has just launched Fir Needle & Amber disinfectant that’s perfect for the cosier months.

It is an aromatic combination of crisp pine, orange zest and fir balsam blended with rich notes of black pepper, patchouli and amber.

The scent was chosen by the Zoflora community, who picked it as part of the “Festive Fusions” competition.

It will join limited edition products that have become old favourites with shoppers.

Frosted Peppermint, Winter Spice and Cranberry & Orange scents are also returning this autumn.

Mrs Hinch
Sophie Hinchliffe – AKA Mrs Hinch – is a big fan of Zoflora

Frosted Peppermint is a festive twist of candy cane inspired notes. Eucalyptus blends with hints of dark chocolate, snowdrops and vanilla for a sweet yet refreshing combination.

Winter Spice is a warming fragrance, blending sweet vanilla with traditional festive notes of gingerbread and cinnamon.

Cranberry & Orange is a sweet and refreshing fragrance, bursting with juicy cranberry and citrus, cinnamon, and apple on a base of strawberry and vanilla.

Sarah Fozzard, Head of Home Hygiene at Zoflora commented: “In the colder months, it’s a great idea to swap out lighter, summer fragrances in the home for something slightly warmer.

“Whether you like spicy and bold or fruity and sweet, our new fragrances are perfect for the seasonal transition.”


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