MSNBC Anchor Rachel Maddow Reveals Her Experience Fighting Skin Cancer!!

TV host Rachel Maddow dodged a bullet thanks to her attentive significant other, Susan Mikula. She indirectly convinced her to go and see a medical professional for a skin check-up.

Rachel Maddow kicked off her news program “The Rachel Maddow Show” on Wednesday, October 6, and revealed she underwent surgery to remove skin cancer.

She divulged the events leading up to her check-up and shared it began when she and her girlfriend Susan Mikula went to a minor league baseball game a few months ago.

While watching the game, the 48-year-old said Mikula noticed something different about her mole and ended up poking her in the neck after giving her a long hard look, and she said to her:

“That mole has changed.”

Maddow explained she was puzzled at first because she wasn’t even aware she had a mole below her jawline. But Mikula was adamant that there was something different about the mole, adding they had been together for 22 years – hence she was confident it looked different.

Maddow said Mikula suggested she ask her friend Diane who confirmed that the mole was indeed different, and upon getting confirmation, Maddow agreed that both ladies were spot on.

The California native stated she went to see a dermatologist who also confirmed that the mole looked different and shared what occurred after that, saying:

“Did a biopsy; it turns out it was skin cancer. Skin cancer accounts for the vast majority skin cancers diagnosed in the United States, and many skin cancers are removable, treatable.”

Maddow explained that even the deadliest cancers are now treatable than they used to be, guaranteed that they are detected in their early stages.

The author revealed she had her surgery on Friday and assured her viewers that she would be okay. She also went on Twitter to urge people to get their skin checked.

In addition, Maddow previously spoke about another health scare last year when she revealed Mikula, 63, had tested positive for COVID-19 and experienced a near-fatal battle with the virus.

She disclosed she even kept her distance from her at the time as she tested negative. She said even though her love’s health deteriorated, she managed to pull through and made a full recovery.

The political commentator encouraged viewers to continue social distancing and follow public health guidelines to avoid contracting the virus.

On a lighter note, Maddow signed a new long-term deal with NBCUniversal in August, which means she would step aside from her 9 pm primetime show and make fewer on-air appearances.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, MSNBC President Rashida Jones said there is no rush to replace Maddow, although they are working on finding her successor.



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