Mum, 36, brilliantly snaps back at ‘disgusting’ trolls who tell her she looks 50

Mum Clare Dudley has responded to vile trolls, who tell her she looks older than she is, in the best way possible, by calling on them to show themselves without filters and make-up

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I’m in my 30s but people accuse me of being 50

A sassy mum has hit back at ‘disgusting’ trolls in the best way possible, after many of them left vile comments on her videos telling her she looks two decades older than she is.

Clare Dudley, from Cheshire, has been inundated with rude comments – mostly from other females – after revealing she’s due to turn 37 next month.

“I love your videos but still shocks me you’re in your 30s,” one follower wrote, prompting Clare to reveal she was born in 1984 in a now viral video.

“Omg 1984, it’s not possible. I am 40 years old and I look like your daughter. I was sure your were 55-60 years old,” one rude follower commented, while another added: “You look older than me and I’m nearly 48.” Seriously.

Clare hit back at trolls in the best way possible



She called on them to share photos of themselves without filters and make-up



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“I’ve just finished a 14 hour shift so mind the state of me. Yeah, I’m in my 30s, I’m 37 next month, closer to the 40 mark,” Clare said in a follow up video, before referring to the video in which she revealed her age.

“Some of the comments on there, off women, are absolutely disgusting. Like, one woman even has in her bio ‘living life to the full but I use filters…’ What you see if what you get here, so if you don’t like it, scroll on, ’cause none of it is hurting my feelings, none of it.”

She added: “So, carry on, because you’re helping my account grow!”

In a third clip, Clare called out all the women who made nasty comments about her age, telling them to upload clips without filters or make-up to see how old they look then.

“I’m gunna’ out all the women now, who say this to me. Show me a picture of you with no make-up on and no filter on and then come at me,” she said, adding: “Until then, shut it. Have a nice day.”

Yes, Clare. What a legend. Fortunately, many others agree, with one follower commenting: “I love you and your attitude – please don’t ever change!”

“Why are people so obsessed with your age?! You look amazing just the way you are,” another added.

A third wrote: “Some people need to get a life telling people to change, just ignore them you’re beautiful the way you are. Just damn cheeky!” We couldn’t agree more.

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