Mum baffled as 10-year-old gets picked on at school for his ‘delicious’ lunch

A woman has turned to the internet for advice after learning her son is being bullied over his school lunches.

The woman, believed to be from the US, shared her situation on a popular parenting group on Facebook.

In the photo of the lunchbox, it shows a plastic container filled with grapes, a peach and two hardboiled eggs in cupcake cases.

Her 10-year-old boy admitted his classmates were “making fun” of his lunch because his mum cuts up his food.

Since she was left confused by it, she posted on the group, along with a snap, writing: “Is there something I can do to help this?

“He seems to be picked on a lot.”

Her post received a lot of attention from “mum-shamers” who criticised her for treating the boy like a baby by cutting his food.

Facebook users took notice of the fact the mum cut the boy’s food up

Others urged the mum to avoid packing eggs and other foul-smelling snacks in the boy’s lunch.

One wrote: “Lunch looks great, but he’s in fourth grade and a boy.”

Another asked: “Why are you cutting his grapes? He’s in the fourth grade.”

A third added: “Don’t cut his grapes, don’t use the cupcake liners and use a regular lunch box. Just being honest.”

Fortunately some had the woman’s back with a number of Facebook users telling her the lunch looks “delicious”.

Others even encouraged her to ask her son explained what was being said to him to get to the route of the problem.

One wrote: “If it’s a specific thing, say the egg, maybe the kids are saying ‘it’s stinky’ and that’s what is getting to them.”

Another agreed and urged the mum to “ask all the questions”.

So what do you make of the boy’s lunch? Let us know in the comments below…

It comes after a woman feared she’d be in trouble with teachers over kid’s healthy packed lunch.

Healthy food concept
The mum packs a ‘delicious’ lunch for her 10-year-old boy

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On Facebook, the mum shared a picture of the lunch she’d sent her son in with.

It consists of a sandwich made from wholegrain bread, yoghurt, a protein bar, fresh fruit, cheese and popcorn.

Although it contained healthy items, the mum admitted the school would take issue with how much packaging was used.

Alongside the picture, the mum wrote: “No doubt will get in trouble for packaging. Our school has zero bins for students.”

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