Mum branded ‘ultimate cheapskate’ burns her rubbish and has no living room furniture

A mum who calls herself the “ultimate cheapskate” says she hoovers after midnight and burns her rubbish in order to save money.

Torski Dobson Arnold, 37, from Virginia spends just $1,200 (£873) a month running her home – a third of the family’s pay.

Despite living in the property for 11 years, Torski is yet to furnish her front room.

“We’ve been very cheap in our home and decided not to purchase furniture for this room,” she explains on TLC’s Extreme Cheapskates.

The only thing they have in the room is an old television set. In fact, the set it so old, you can’t see the entire picture on the screen.

Mum Torski Dobson Arnold has branded herself the “ultimate cheapskate”
(Image: YouTube/Extreme Savers)

“If it’s not broke, we don’t replace it and it’s not broke,” Torski commented.

The mum says she’s found a way to cut back on costs in every aspect of her life, even when it comes to her rubbish.

She explained: “All of my neighbours use a trash pick-up service but here we burn our trash. Paper, plastic, anything that can be burned we burn it.

“In this state it’s legal to burn the trash after 4pm but most don’t do that. Instead they hire someone paying them $80 a month to come pick their trash up.

“Why do that when you can burn it yourself, saving tonnes of money?”


Torski Dobson Arnold on TLC’s Extreme Cheapskates - burning her rubbish
She burns her rubbish in order to save money
(Image: YouTube/Extreme Savers)
Torski Dobson Arnold on TLC’s Extreme Cheapskates - at her son's birthday party
She set aside a £36 budget for her son’s birthday party
(Image: YouTube/Extreme Savers)


Torski’s husband Ronald is not a fan of her money-saving ways though, and he’s not the only one.

“When Torski burns the trash it really stinks,” he says, “(And) it really disturbs my neighbours.”

Torski’s most antisocial habit could possible be her after-dark cleaning routine, though.

Some US energy providers cut rates by up to 50% during off-peak hours, so the mum does her cooking, cleaning, and gardening after midnight.

She says: “Power and electricity is cheaper between the hours of about midnight and about 5am in the morning.”

For her son Donathon’s 10th birthday party, Torski also had no intention of splashing out.

She set aside a $50 (£36) budget, and found a venue for the price of just $30 (£21) – the local retirement home.

The mum has even managed to pick up a broken cake for $6.50 (£4.70), enough to feed her son, his friends as well as some of the residents.

Donathon admitted that he had fun at his birthday party, despite it not being what he expected.

Torski’s confessions come after another woman, Kate Hashimoto, said she hates spending money so much that she doesn’t even use toilet paper.

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