Mum cries & bans dad from cutting their daughter’s hair after a DIY ‘do with kitchen scissors goes horrendously wrong

A MORTIFIED mum claims her partner is BANNED from cutting the children’s hair – after he left their daughter looking like Star Trek’s Spock by hacking her fringe into a “horrendous and wonky” DIY hairdo.

Marla Hayden cried “angry tears” when she discovered partner Jordan Deane, 30, had used their kitchen scissors to chop little Holly’s beautiful blonde locks into a lop-sided bowl-like fringe that only just made it onto her forehead.


This is what Holly’s hair looked like before the horrendous cutCredit: Kennedy News

The 25-year-old claims that Jordan had suggested giving their daughter’s hair a snip a few times before but she had said no.

Marla claims she was forced to paste on a smile as the two-year-old happily showed off her hair to people, but admits it took her weeks to get over the ordeal and the tot had to wear her fringe pinned to the side for her school photo.

However, Jordan took it upon himself to have a go alone and then proceeded to hack off two inches when desperately trying to straighten up the wonky fringe.

Marla, from Sudbury, Suffolk, said: “It’s 100% safe to say her dad is banned from cutting her hair again. It looked awful. It was a really big mess.

“I was really upset and felt really angry he’d done it. It took me a few weeks to get over the shock of it.

“I was at my mum’s at the time and he took it upon himself to cut it.

“He didn’t tell me until he picked me up. I got in the car and Holly was in her car seat. She’s rear-facing and I looked in her little mirror.

“I just saw her hair and I was really upset. I said ‘what have you done?’. I was crying angry silent tears in the car. I was mortified.”

Marla was particularly upset as she knew that school photos were coming up with Holly and her brother. These were the first ones taken together while she was at the nursery at his school.

The mum-of-two says Holly’s hair has only now, 10 months after Jordan went to work on it, grown back long enough for a trip to the salon.

“It took a good few months to get to a decent length and I’ve only just been able to take her to get it neatened up again in the last couple of weeks,” she said.

Like many people, Holly’s hair had become overgrown during lockdown and Jordan felt sorry for her as it dangled in her eyes.


Hairdressers were all shut due to the lockdown measures in place and Holly’s fringe had become really overgrown, so much so that it was getting in her eyes.

This is what led Jordan to hack off one and a half to two inches of her fringe.

“Not only had he cut it really short, he cut it really wonky as well. It was shorter on one side than the other,” Marla said.

“He used kitchen scissors – as blunt as anything. They’re actually the scissors I use to cut chicken up.

“He didn’t think it’d bounce up. Because he’d cut it when it was wet, it didn’t look right. He kept going and going.

“When it dried, it was the length you can see in the picture. It made her look really weird looking – like an alien. Like Star Trek.

“He knew he’d messed up. He even said ‘let’s not overthink, it’s only hair. I know I’ve made a mistake. I’m not going to do it again’. Bless him.”

After Marla had given Jordan a telling off, the mortified dad realised he’d make a mistake and vowed never to play hairdresser again.

Next following day Marla was forced to take Holly into nursery and prewarn staff about the trimming mishap.

Marla said: “When I took Holly to nursery the next day, I said ‘her dad’s given her a haircut, it’s horrendous. I’ve put a clip in and if it falls out, please encourage her to keep it in’.

“Every time I picked her up, she’d always have her fringe down. I’d have a clip on me ready to put in to disguise it.

“She was quite happy with it and said ‘Daddy’s done my hair – do you like it?’ I was like ‘yeah, really like it’ pretending, secretly thinking ‘what have you done?’

“She kept showing it off to people and saying ‘look what Daddy’s done’. I just had to pretend and say ‘yeah, lovely isn’t it’.

“I was thinking ‘oh, it’s the first picture of them together at the same school soon’, but luckily by the time the photo came, it’d grown just enough to put a little clip in.

“It didn’t look too bad by then but it still looked quite bad.”

Holly's haircut after Jordan used the kitchen scissors


Holly’s haircut after Jordan used the kitchen scissorsCredit: Kennedy News
Marla put a clip in Holly's hair for the school photos


Marla put a clip in Holly’s hair for the school photosCredit: Kennedy News/Prime Portraits UK
Jordan admitted that he knew he had messed up but he knew the hair would grow back


Jordan admitted that he knew he had messed up but he knew the hair would grow backCredit: Kennedy News
Holly liked her hair and proudly showed it off


Holly liked her hair and proudly showed it offCredit: Kennedy News

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