Mum cruelly slammed for spending just 66p on discounted cake for daughter’s birthday

CHILDREN’S birthdays can be tricky for parents on a budget – so one mum was delighted to stumble across a discounted cake for her daughter.

However, social media users took issue with the fact it had been reduced in price to just 66p, and expressed horror that she was planning to freeze it until her little girl’s special day.



A mum has been shamed for buying a 66p cake for her daughter’s birthdayCredit: Facebook

In a post to the Facebook group ‘Retail Reductions Australia’, the excited Australian mum shared how she had picked up the bargain pink and white ‘drip effect’ cake, worth $25 – or approximately £13 – for next to nothing from a supermarket.

Describing the sweet treat as “perfect” for her daughter, she wrote: “Fingers crossed we will be able to celebrate together in three weeks. Will just pop in the freezer till then.”

The mum proudly shared images of the heavily-iced dessert, as well as the label showing the huge reduction in price.

However, fellow members promptly shamed her for being a “cheap a**”.

There’s catching a bargain and just being downright cheap a**

Facebook user

One person sarcastically commented: “Yes, great bargain if spending $25 on your kid’s cake is too much.”

Another wrote: “There’s catching a bargain and just being downright cheap a** but as I said – great bargain.”

Suggesting that the cake is likely to already have been frozen and defrosted before she bought it, a third added: “Yes, I like a bargain just like the next person…

“If $25 is too much for a cake that hasn’t been frozen twice and is four weeks old then hey, each to their own.”

However, others sympathised with the mum, pointing out that she may be short on cash – but still wanted to treat her daughter.

One person wrote: “Really? You don’t see anything wrong with what you just said? Basically shaming anyone who can’t spend $25 on a cake.”

Another added: “Some people can’t, don’t be miserable and think you’re high and mighty. You’re on a retail reductions page – not a ‘I’m better than everyone else and mother of the year’ page.”

Facebook users were horrified that she intended to freeze the dessert


Facebook users were horrified that she intended to freeze the dessertCredit: Facebook

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