Mum demands 16-year-old daughter to start paying rent but it doesn’t end well

A mum is demanding her 16-year-old daughter to pay rent, but the teenager refused.

Posting on parenting forum Mumsnet, the woman explained how her daughter is turning 17 at the end of October.

And the teenager started an apprenticeship in the summer that pays £14,500 per year.

Her daughter only spends her money by buying lunch each day, with the mum saying she doesn’t need to as there’s food at home.

She explained: “I have asked her to contribute £50 per week to the household.

“For that, she will have all food provided, washing done, all the hot water she can use, lifts to wherever she wants.

“Well, she’s made me feel like the worst mother in the world for asking.”

The daughter had just started an apprenticeship

The mum also asked the 16-year-old to pay her phone bill after she bought a brand new iPhone X in July.

She added: “We haven’t had a penny yet, but it’s attached to our BT account so if we don’t pay it, we screw up our own credit rating.

“The board I have asked her for will be put straight towards her driving lessons.

“I’ve already bought her provisional driving licence and she has a car waiting for when she has passed her test.”

While the poster originally thought her requests were fair, her daughter wasn’t too pleased with it.

She posted on Mumsnet to receive advice from others and asked if she was being unreasonable.

People were quick to comment with many supporting the mum’s decision.

One wrote: “If she ‘decides’ not to pay, she can also ‘decide’ to rent a place of her own.”

Mum and daughter
The girl refused to pay the rent her mum asked for

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Meanwhile another said if the daughter isn’t willing to pay, there are other things she can do.

One explained: “If she doesn’t pay don’t cook for her, don’t allow her access to laundry detergent etc.

“If she doesn’t want to pay for her luxuries and recognise you are being very generous, she can pay for everything she needs.”

And a third disagreed, writing: “You’re being unreasonable. You’re asking a 16-year-old to pay to stay in their own home.”


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