Mum disinfects entire park before her toddler daughter can play and gets savaged for being too ‘protective’

THE PANDEMIC has made a lot of us think twice about what we are cleaning and how often.

From wiping down your food shopping, to cleaning door handles twenty times a day and of course, ensuring hand sanitiser is with you at all times.


In the video her niece patiently waits at the stairsCredit: TikTok

Whilst it’s obviously important to continue to disinfect and sanitise touch points and hands regularly, lots of people believe that some germs are good and can actually help your immune system, especially for children.

But one mum has been slammed for taking disinfecting a little too far.

The video was posted to TikTok by the user, katelynmhhh, and shows her, her niece and niece’s mum going to a children’s play park.

In the caption, she writes: “she really doesn’t play about my niece.”

In the video, her adorable niece patiently waits holding her aunties hand whilst her mum sprays down the entire play park with what appears to be disinfectant.

The post has been viewed almost 2 million times and has received over 40k likes.

But some users thought the mum was going overboard by disinfecting the play park.

One user wrote: “Those chemicals (from the disinfectant) are more harmful than the germs at the park, just stay at home then.”

Another user responded with: “Immune systems are pretty amazing… Chemicals ruin them Good luck.”

A third replied: “Then why even go if your so protective about it.”

“Imagine thinking you can get rid of germs on an outside playground.” Commented another user.

Although lots of people said the mum was being too protective and should stay at home rather than disinfecting the play park, there were some who agreed with her cautious ways, especially during a pandemic.

One user defended the mum, saying: “IDK why everyone is mad, in a time of Covid where a kid still wants to enjoy things, what’s the harm?”

Another user backed the mum up, writing: “All I see is a mother trying her best to keep her baby safe. Go you.”

The mum sprays down the play park in disinfectant


The mum sprays down the play park in disinfectantCredit: TikTok

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