Mum fails to recognise son as he surprises her in Rome with viral photobomb

One mum’s rather underwhelming initial response to her son as he cheekily snuck up behind her and posed for a photo while she was holidaying in Rome left people in stitches

You wouldn’t guess it from her initial reaction, but one mum was left overjoyed to reunite with her son abroad following her initial shock.

Her son shared the video on social media – where it quickly went viral as people were left in stitches at her initial underwhelmed reaction.

In the video, her son creeps up behind her as she poses for a photo before joining in – and his mum was rather creeped out.

With a look of disgust, she moves away before politely adding: “Hello, you scraped the c*** out of me.”

Her son is left in stitches before replying: “That’s it? That’s the response I get?” before it dawns on the mum who it is.

She exclaims “Holy s***” before running over to hug him as she realises that it’s her son in front of her.

He jokingly asks: “What the hell was that?” as she giggles, reeling at his sudden arrival, while the cameraman laughs.

Her son adds: “That was not the response I was expecting,” before the mum admits that she thought he was a creeper.

The video left people in stitches, as one person joked: “He must be the middle child.”

Another commented: “I have face blindness, I don’t recognize my own family or partner either when I’m in a situation where I don’t expect them to be there. I recognize people by their hairstyles/colour, outfits and voice.

“This lady is just like me. I have ignored and stepped away from people I’ve known before, not realizing who they were!”

A third guessed: “I’m guessing he didn’t have a beard before! Lol.”


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