Mum fed up with her ex’s step kids wearing clothes she buys shows how she stopped it

A MUM has revealed what lengths she has to go through because her ex’s step kids won’t stop wearing the clothes she buys for her children.

Posting to her TikTok account, mercedesxms, the video has been watched over 7 million times.

She writes: “I always ask for my kids clothes back after a weekend with their dad.

“And I never get it.”

In the video she desperately rummages through a draw to find a permanent marker and makes a runner for her kids wardrobe.

“Then today I saw on IG his girlfriend’s kids wearing THAT clothes.

“And it was not the first time.”

She then goes through all of their clothes and labels them with the children’s initials and ‘mom’ so they know to bring the clothes back.

People in the comments were divided about the argument, some thought it was ‘petty’ to act this way, others felt she had every right to.

“THEY ARE CLOTHES!” Wrote one user, adding: “This is some petty stuff… is it truly about the clothes Honestly!!”

Another wrote: “Please chill out and don’t worry think of it as the son’s clothes and not yours and don’t always blame everything on the other parent.”

In another video, she addressed those calling her petty and telling her to not bring clothes round as the dad should have stuff there for them.

“I’m just going to go ahead and address some comments made on my previous TikTok, just some things I want to clear up.

“This is not to bash anybody.

This is my side of the story, and what I go through co-parenting, this is my experience.

“A little back story, I’ve been separated from my kids dad for five years now, I’ve been with my current husband for four and a half years, I am a stay at home mum.

“He provides for our daughter that we have together and my kids from a previous relationship, and I am very thankful and blessed he allows me to be a stay at home mum.

“The whole issue with the clothes wouldn’t be an issue at all if previously my son hadn’t addressed it to his father himself, which he did.

“The first time we noticed my son actually told his dad that he didn’t like that he was letting the other little boy wear his clothes.

“His dad just brushed him off saying it was no big deal and they were just clothes.

“So when I saw it this time I took it upon myself to say something to the kids dad.

“He let me know I was rude, that it was just clothes and it’s not a big deal, but we did come to an agreement that from now on he’s going to bring his own clothes when the kids go with him.

“Call me petty if you want but I spend good money on my kids clothes, and for me to see them on another kid who’s mother is more than capable of buying them clothes, that doesn’t sit well with me.”

She also addresses the comments saying that the other kids need it more and says, “okay stop.

“The kid’s dad and partner are always on social media talking about how much money they have.

“Second, I am good acquaintances with those boys’ step mother, and she lets me know certain things that go on.

“She has the same issue with clothing as well.”

After explain how her son had asked his dad to stop lending his clothes out to his step-siblings, people were more on board with her labelling all the clothes.

One user wrote: “I don’t think it’s petty bc there is no reason for her child’s clothes to be on another kid that their parent is fully capable of buying them clothes.”

Another said: “It doesn’t even have to be that deep. Your son said he didn’t like that, your ex should respect that. Not ignore him and do whatever he wants.”

She labelled every item of clothing to make sure they come back next time


She labelled every item of clothing to make sure they come back next timeCredit: TikTok/@mercedesxms

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