Mum fuming after forking out £1,200 a month for her son’s nursery… only to find out they stick him in front of cartoons

THE COST of childcare expenses are a growing problem for many parents in the UK.

Many parents may wonder whether they are getting their money’s worth when sending their children to nurseries, like one mum who took to mumsnet and questioned whether her kids’ nursery is providing a good enough service for the money she pays.


She said this wasn’t the first time her child was watching TV at nurseryCredit: Getty

The mum took to the popular forum to question whether her children’s nursery should be filling their time with letting the children watch TV.

The anonymous woman asked for advice after collecting her kid from nursery to find him and some of the other children glued to the TV.

The woman was left fuming as she claims she pays the nursery £1200 a month to look after her kids three days a week, whilst she works full-time.

She wrote: “My almost 3-year-old has been attending the same nursery since we moved back to the UK from Australia last year. I’m happy with the nursery and he really likes it there, his brother who is 18 months started going a few months ago and I’ve had no complaints however tonight when I picked him up he was sat with 5 other kids watching cartoons on a large computer monitor, this is the third night in as many weeks that this has been the case.

“He watches TV at home of course, although we do try to be on the stricter side but regardless of that, am I being unreasonable to expect that he doesn’t watch TV at nursery?

“I’m currently paying £1200 per month for them both to attend three days each as I work full time nightshift, kind of p****s me off to pay over a third of my salary to childcare and then find him sat watching TV.”

Many people in the comments were saying a lot of nursery’s do this in the last 20 minutes/waiting for parents to pick up their children.

However, the mum went on to clarify that she had picked them up early at 4:45pm, as one of her children was ill, and that the nursery’s closing time is 6pm, so this was not an ‘end of day’ practice.

People were still divided, one user commented: “Our nursery does it with the last kids to be picked up, so 4:30pm onwards. If it was during the day it would annoy me I think.”

Another user replied: “YABU (you are being unreasonable). They’ve been running about with lots of mental stimulation all day, I’d be quite happy for mine to have a little wind down time watching tv just before I picked them up.”

“So long as it’s not all day, I wouldn’t mind.” Said another, they added: “It’s hard work looking after tinies especially when they’re super excited, so it’s a good idea for everybody to have a little break and calm down.”

Many parents thought it was fine for an end of day activity


Many parents thought it was fine for an end of day activityCredit: Getty

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