Mum furious over school’s ‘stupid’ new shoe ban after buying son £68 Kickers

Most schools have guidelines for uniform detailing exactly what pupils can and can’t wear.

Children are often banned from wearing makeup and excessive jewellery to school and can not have haircuts deemed inappropriate.

And each year, many parents share their outrage at some of these rules – which can see them to fork out hundreds of pounds to ensure their children are following the new guidelines.

And mum has shared her fury after learning that her son’s £68 Kickers school shoes are no longer allowed, according to MEN.

Taking to Mumsnet, the parent expressed her annoyance at the school’s policy and asked if she should send him in wearing the boots anyway.

She bought him £68 Kickers but they’re not allowed because of the branding
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Her son starts secondary school next week, and school guidelines say pupils must wear black shoes, although they can’t resemble trainers.

The mum bought him a pair of Kickers, which she hopes would last him the school year. She said the more formal ‘businessman’ style shoes don’t last, due to the regular games of football during break time.

However, the school has now banned shoes with visible branding – leaving her fuming over the “stupid” rule.

The mum wrote: “This is not on the main school uniform webpage which is what I checked to get his uniform but on a sub-page for new Yr7s which I had read but only skimmed over the uniform bit as assumed it was the same as the main page.

A pupil raises their hand in a classroom
Some fellow parents urged the mum to follow the rules for her son’s sake
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“I spent £68 on shoes, which IMO are common school shoes, he may not now be able to wear. He won’t be wearing them out of school either obviously! I got them online direct from Kickers with a 14-day return policy which has run out now.

“Would I be unreasonable to just send him in on his first day in them?”

She added: “Why should I have to deface a brand new pair of shoes just because of a stupid rule they’ve just brought in. Kids have been wearing Kickers to school for years!

“Why do we have to put up with this crap?”

Many fellow parents agreed that the rule was unreasonable, with one mum advising: “I’d send him in them anyway. They can’t ban them after the start of the school year – that’s really unfair. Worst case, get a marker pen on the labels.”

But another warned: “Irrespective of whether the school is right or wrong with their policy, the problem is that the information WAS there, on the new joiners page. It’s not the school’s fault you chose not to read it properly.

“Please don’t just send your child in wearing them, he’s the one that will suffer the consequences of your inattention, and that’s not fair.

“Please don’t start your son’s high school journey being one of THOSE parents who think the rules don’t apply to them or look for excuses because they made a mistake!”

A third added: “£68 shoes for school that will be outgrown/trashed in a year is exactly why schools do this.

“It’s ridiculous and brands are marketing nonsense. The school teach kids about sensible choices. Really tricky when parents are this obtuse.”

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