Mum hailed as hero after taking over teenage daughter’s phone to message bullies

The “forthright” text message to the group of girls, who her daughter had previously counted as friends, was widely praised on social media after being shared online

The mum took on her daughter’s bullies (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Time at school can have its ups and downs when you’re young, but for one teenage girl, it’s been traumatic.

The teenager recently became the focus of some unwanted attention, after falling out with her friends because they were bullying her.

But her fuming mum has been praised online – after their actions prompted her to take over her daughter’s phone and speak to the girls involved directly.

“We will not tolerate abusive bullying ever”

In the message, which was shared to Reddit, the mum wrote: “Hey girls, this is [redacted].

“Knock it the f*** off. This treatment of [redacted], who has been your friend for a very long time STOPS NOW.

The message went viral online


“Yes, I took her phone away from her. Yes, your moms will see screenshots.

“You all also have known me for a long time. I care about all of you. I don’t think any of you are OK right now, with the behaviour I am seeing.

“I want the best for all of you, but we will not tolerate abusive bullying EVER. You ALSO should not accept treatment like this from anyone either.

“Think for yourselves. Following a group is dangerous, and will set you up for a lifetime of s***.

“It is ok to not be ok. But it’s never ok to try to pile your pain, insecurities or fears on someone else to feel powerful.

“That is the opposite of power.”

Naturally, people loved the “awesome” mum’s response to the girls and praised it on Reddit.

One wrote: “Holy s*** your mom sounds absolutely awesome man.”

Another added: “About eight years ago I got severely bullied by several people at school and if my mum hadn’t found out and put them in their place I would have gotten bullied for more years to come.

“Mum’s are the best.”

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