Mum issues devastating warning after son was almost strangled to death by teething necklace company insisted was ‘safe’

AS we’re sure any parents will agree, teething is a particularly difficult time for your baby – not only does it cause them a huge amount of pain but it also disturbs their sleep too.

So when mum-of-four Kasie, from Boston, saw that her two-month-old baby was struggling, she started looking for ways to soothe his sore gums.


Kasie shared her heartbreaking warning with other parents on TikTokCredit: TikTok/@ kasieschoch

In a viral TikTok video, the mum explained how she saw other parents raving about amber teething necklaces in a Facebook group she was part of.

Amber teething necklaces are made of fossilised tree resin and release succinic acid – which some believe is a natural painkiller – when they come in contact with gums.

After doing some research, Kasie explained: “I contacted the company and took measurements to ensure it was the right fit.”

Before ordering the necklace, the mum asked what would happen if it got caught on something.


However, she was told it was perfectly “safe” and the plastic string would easily break off.

That said, the company did tell her not to let her baby sleep in the necklace or use it unattended.

For nine months, the mum said Hunter wore the necklace everyday – but when he was 11 months old, her worst fears almost came true.

She explained: “We had a baby gate into his playroom and we were right next to the baby gate, we were playing on the floor and I was looking at my phone and then I noticed he was on his stomach right next to the baby gate.

“He was making weird noises and I thought he was just being silly and when I looked closer I noticed that the necklace was caught on the stopper on the baby gate and he was gasping for air. He was having a hard time breathing.”

Naturally, the mum immediately started trying to break the necklace to free Hunter and screamed for her husband to help.

Admitting that she “blacked out” from the panic, Kasie’s partner fortunately was able to unhook the necklace from the baby gate.

She added: “[Hunter] was starting to turn blue […] I really thought he was going to die.

After we got him settled, we noticed he had bruises on his neck and those bruises lasted for a few weeks

“If I had not been right next to him, like if I’d gone to the bathroom or gone to get a snack or something, I don’t think he would still be here today.”

Once they’d recovered from the incident, the couple tried their hardest to break the necklace – but nothing would snap the plastic string.

Kasie added: “After we got him settled, we noticed he had bruises on his neck and those bruises lasted for a few weeks.”

She had been told her son's amber teething necklace was 'safe' [stock photo]


She had been told her son’s amber teething necklace was ‘safe’ [stock photo]Credit: Getty

What’s more, the mum recalled how she’d actually read a news article before buying the necklace about a little boy who had lost his life from one.

She said: “I remember thinking ‘that’s just one baby, that kind of stuff doesn’t happen to me, [his mum] must not have been watching him.’

“I thought it would never happen to me until it did.”

Kasie’s video has racked up over 11,100 “likes” and people thanked her for sharing her story in the comments.

One replied: “I watched this fully expecting he had died. Thank you. My son is definitely not getting anything like that.”

Another added: “I wish unsafe baby products weren’t allowed to be sold… I’m so sorry this happened.”

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