Mum lets her three-year-old swear and other parents say she’s a ‘bad mum’

TikTok star Chelsey said that she struggles to make ‘mum friends’ because she lets her three-year-old child swear and other parents dissaprove, and now the internet are divided

TikTok star Chelsey says she is ostracised by other parents because she lets her kids swear

A young mum said she lets her three-year-old child swear and she gets labelled a ‘bad mum’ by other parents she meets because of it.

TikTok star Chelsey, @ chelseybanker, shared a video with her fans – saying that other mothers don’t want to be her friend after the learn about her relaxed style of parenting.

Her post attracted a lot of attention and received a flurry of comments, mostly from divided parents as many said that they too would be shocked to hear a young child swear.

Chelsey then shared another video giving more context, saying that some words were out of bounds and that there were rules around what her child could say, and when.

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Taking to TikTok, Chelsey wrote: “Everyone wants to be mum friends until they learn I let my three-year-old swear.

“I don’t believe in gender stereotypes and let him play with dolls and makeup. We teach him age appropriate context about consent and equality for all.

“I practice mindful and respectful parenting. I’m pro-vaccine and pro-mask. I consistently serve peanut butter and jelly for dinner.

“I’m confrontational and have no problem burning bridges to protect mine and my families peace.”

Chelsey’s video received over 890,000 views alongside 237,000 likes and nearly 8,000 comments.

One user said: “My rule is we don’t use swearing to hurt people’s feelings but if you wanna express yours with a swear word go ahead.”

And another agreed, adding: “Why do we care so much about swearing? It’s bizarre, it’s just self-expression. I’m all for it.”

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But others took exception to Chelsey’s parenting style, as one said: “I’m with you on all of that with the exception of swearing. There is no need for my six-year-old to swear.”

Another user wrote: “I’m all for it except swearing. I still apologise to my mum if I swear in front of her and I am 35.”

In the follow-up video, Chelsey said: “I don’t need to reprimand my three-year-old, I need to explain to him why we don’t say certain words and let him use his judgement on others because he is learning.

“He uses it in the right context, he talks better than most school-aged kids I know, so.

“Words not allowed in my house are hurtful or hateful words. F**k isn’t hurtful, in my opinion.

“He knows not to say it in public or say it in front of other people’s kids because some don’t like that.

“I will always teach him to be respectful and not to use hateful or hurtful things to people because that is not okay.

“But if he wants to drop some swear words and use them in the correct context, I really don’t care.”

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