Mum makes embarrassing typo as she texts child telling them she’s off ‘dogging’

A mother left her child cringing in embarrassment after texting him, but making a huge typo.

Posting on Reddit, the woman’s child uploaded a screenshot of the embarrassing mix up – and it quickly went viral.

The social media poster captioned the snap: “TMI Mum!!”

And, his embarrassment had fellow Brits in the CasualUK forum rolling around laughing.

The photo showed two messages on an iPhone screen from the contact “mum” and the first one read: “Dogging at Farnham again with my trusty tools.”

Alongside the words was a small snap of a bag with gardening gear inside.

We’re blushing at the thought of getting that text from a parent!

A quick follow up text from the poster’s mum said: “Oh no, that should be DIGGING.”

What would you have texted back?

For anyone who doesn’t know, dogging refers to the practice of watching or engaging in exhibitionist sexual activity in public – usually car parks or woods.

And, 1,200 Reddit users quickly joined in laughing at the awkward typo.

One chuckling Brit joked: “You should buy her a nice set of knee pads.

“I know my knees always take a bit of wear and tear when I’m dogging.”

Fellow Brits took the micky out of the poster
Fellow Brits took the micky out of the poster

While another added: “Farnham eh? (Checks map).”

A third laughed: “Dogging is just as much a British tradition as gardening is.”

Another poster pointed out an uncomfortable truth and said: “Autocorrected for Mum there, what has she been talking about with others?”

And another noted: “Never been more relieved at a message, eh?”

What would you do if your mum sent you this message? Tell us in the comments below…

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