Mum mortified after sending rude snap to kids’ school – and not realising for days

A mum was left humiliated after accidentally sending a vulgar photo to her kid’s school.

The woman, who was told to send her kids negative Covid tests results to staff, mistakenly sent the wrong photo four days later.

Instead of sending the school a picture of test results, she sent a meme of a woman pouring a drink of vodka.

The amusing picture was captioned: “After this year I am on a bender f*** that s***.”

Mortified after she realised what happened, she announced her mistake in a public post on Facebook.

The mum laughed: “Just sent the kids Covid results through to the school and only just realised that four days ago I sent this.”

Lesson learned: Always check your attachments before sending an email!

It was an embarrassing situation for the mum – who no doubt realised the errors of her ways.

But for the rest of the mums and dads, it was something to laugh about.

Many parents saw the funny side, with one commenting: “This has proper ticked me”.

Another person added: “I bet you gave them all a good laugh when they opened that message.”

And a third added: “They probably opened it and thought – ‘yep we hear ya’.”

It’s not the first time someone has sent a rude message by mistake.

Previously, a pet groomer accidentally told a customer their dog was dead.

Thankfully, the pooch was completely fine and it was just an autocorrect fail!

Meanwhile, a mortified mum mistakenly told DWP she’s a prostitute.

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