Mum mortified over racy auto-correct fail after texting plumber about job

A lot of us may experience some typos with texting if we’re writing it quickly – especially if auto-correct kicks in.

However, one text fail left a mum with a very red face after she accidentally sent her plumber a racy message by mistake.

Mum Wendy Loftus-Martin messaged plumber George Cox asking whether she could ‘w**k’ in the dining room while he works in a hilarious predictive text fail.

Luckily for her, the workman took it well, admitting he was left “howling with laughter” over the text fail.

The text saw her ask him if it would be better for him if she was to “w*nk in the office or dining room” – to which he cheekily responded that it was “up to her where she does that”.

Wendy suffered an awkward auto-correct fail

The dad-of-three said that the following day his 58-year-old customer was also “laughing her head off” and requested there to be “no comments please”.

However, he admitted his work team couldn’t resist a cheeky reference “every now and then”.

Wendy has now vowed to double-check all her messages from here on to make sure she doesn’t experience a similar blunder.

George, of Alveston, Warwickshire, said: “I read the message and I was absolutely howling with laughter. My wife Victoria said ‘What’s so funny?’ I read it out to her and she was wetting herself.

Wendy Loftus-Martin's message to plumber George Cox
She was left red-faced over the message

“I relay with all my customers via text message to let them know we’re coming, what time and what not and it just so happened that she texted saying ‘well, I’m working from home, so where would you like me to be working?’

“I saw it come up on my phone and thought I’d reply to her in a minute and then I got a text back straight away saying ‘Oh my God Gaz is pissing himself laughing and I thought what’s her husband laughing for?

“She was laughing her head off bless her. She did have a laugh. The certain word was mentioned a few times in conversation in passing as a laugh.

“It’s just been quite funny, every now and again a snide comment gets made in jest with me and my mate who’s working with me now just have a bit of a laugh.”

Wendy said: “It was a Sunday evening and I was working from home on Monday and George was coming to fit my new central heating system and I didn’t know where to set up my office.

“I sent him the text and just as I sent it I saw the word instead of work and I couldn’t do anything about it, it had gone.

“Why did my phone pick up that word? Why would it do that? I just don’t get it at all.

“I just said to my husband ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe what I’ve just done’. I read it out to him and he was just crying. My son was in his bedroom and he was hysterical laughing. Everybody just thought it was an absolute hoot.

“I’m 58, I’m not technical at all. It just happened and I was absolutely mortified to be honest with you, I’ve never been so embarrassed in all my life.

“I met him on the drive and just said ‘Mo comments please’. We’ve had a bit of a giggle.”


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