Mum-of-10 reveals how she feeds her children & she’s up from 4am to 11pm to get through all her chores

A MUM has revealed the lengths she goes to to feed her 10 children – and it involves waking up at 4am every day to make sure she gets through all of her chores.

Alicia and Josh Dougherty, from Pittsford, New York, adopted six kids and have four biological children of their own.


A busy mother how she feeds her 10 children on a daily basisCredit: @doughertydozen/Tiktok

Posting to TiKTok under the username doughertydozen, the busy mother has shared what it is she does for her children every day.

The mum makes her children charcuterie boards for an afternoon snack, which she said is one of the easiest ways to feed her big brood.

Her children will often choose out the snacks that they want—which can range from prawns and cherries to lollies and cheese—and she has to simply put it together.

This often results in an attractive looking charcuterie board with a wide range of food for her children to devour.

Another easy food option for Alicia is sandwiches, as they take no time at all.

To prepare them, she lays out 12 pieces of white bread (on sports days two of her sons eat two sandwiches) and applies their toppings.

Two of the most popular choices amongst her children are peanut butter and jam sandwiches and ham, cheese and mustard, which are affordable options.

The mother also uploads videos that give a rundown of what it is that her children each for every email in a single day.

In one video Alicia uploaded, her children were given cereal, apple and cereal for breakfast.

“Lunch was a ham sandwich, Cheezits, yoghurt, clementines and tomatoes,” she said.

“A charcuterie board for snack. Dinner was tacos, chips and salsa, corn and apple sauce and they get a popsicle for dessert after soccer.”


Once a month she orders products online for the following weeks, which often consists of products like shampoo, conditioner, vitamins and nappies. This sets the family back approximately $730.

The weekly food shop is often done at a grocery store and this is where the mother buys all the food for the upcoming week, such as bread, snacks, fruit and vegetables.

It often sits around the $770 mark, to which Alicia said: “Anything under $1k is good”.

How much time does she need in her day to do all this you may ask?

“I’m up 4am to 11pm,” she shared in a comment.

An easy snack option she swears by is a charcuterie board, and her children help pick out the snacks


An easy snack option she swears by is a charcuterie board, and her children help pick out the snacksCredit: @doughertydozen/Tiktok

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