Mum-of-five shares the genius way she gets her 17-year-old daughter to clean her messy room

A mum has revealed a secret tip to get her teenage daughter to clean her room and she said she doesn’t care about the backlash.

Cutting off a teenager’s most prized possession – the internet- one woman knew exactly what to do to motivate her child to clean.


The woman took the wifi hostageCredit: Samantha Likeman
The daughter cleaned her room to find it.


The daughter cleaned her room to find it.Credit: Samantha Likeman

The mum posted in the Family Lockdown Tips and Ideas group on Facebook showing her teen desperatly trying to find the WIFI modem.

The mum said: “My teenager daughter (17) will not tidy her bedroom. All I hear is “yes I’ll tidy it” but nothing gets done. So I decided I’d give her a little incentive to clean it, by writing her a nice poem.”

In the poem, the mum reveals that she has disconnected and hidden the WIFI modem, and will only release it when the teen tidies up her bedroom.

The poem read: “I’ve gone and stole the internet, and I’ll tell you why, because your b****y bedroom, looks like a pigsty!”

“It would be nice to see the floor, and the bed freshly made, and my hallway not to stink, like a rat that has decayed.”

“If you pull that little cord. that hangs beside your blind, it will magically move up, and let in some sunshine!”

“The mouldy plates and pizza boxes, that are displayed on your bedside, In the sink and bin they go, please show a little pride.”

“And in the pantry which you’re always in, It’s not just full of food, look a little to your left, there’s a hoover for your room!”

“It’s a fantastic invention, that takes no time at all, it will do the work for you, just move it across the floor.”

“And the cupboard next to this, are spray bottles you will see, these are what we spray on dirt, they will clean in guarantee.”

“And I don’t know if you know this, but my washers in the kitchen, the dirty clothes you’ve thrown around, are not an exhibition!”

“My cutlery drawer is empty! And I’m running out of plates, so unless you clean your b****y room, your status you cannot update.”

“For the internet will remain my hostage, on that I guarantee, but if you clean your room ‘properly’, then you will find the key”

“Because somewhere in that chaos, in the place you say ‘is clean’, is the key to unlock this box, to set your internet free.”

In her caption, the mum said: “I’m so looking forward to her response when she gets home” alongside a host of laughing emojis.

The mum also said that she doesn’t care if people tell her that the punishment is hard, as it’s the rules of her house.

“Before all the do-gooders get on about it’s her room blah blah my response is “whilst they’re living under my roof, they follow my rules”.”

The mum then updated her post saying that plan worked and her teen indeed cleaned her room.

She said: “Update, video of the end result. Please ignore my cackle” while she thanked group members for their comments.

The post has received a whopping 8.2k likes and almost 2k in comments.

One person commented: “Fab! This is a funny way of doing it. You pay for the internet so you can take that away and kids need to learn to look after their surroundings! Who’s going to tidy their flat/house when they move.”

“Great job, you achieved what you set out to do, so work done and hopefully lesson learnt by your daughter. Totally agree ‘ whilst living under my roof'” said another.

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The poem that motivated the daughter


The poem that motivated the daughterCredit: Samantha Likeman
The daughter learnt her lesson.


The daughter learnt her lesson.Credit: Samantha Likeman
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