Mum-of-four claims weekly hack for kids’ clothes saves loads of time but people think it’s ‘way too organised’

A MUM-of-four has revealed the clever way she organises her kids’ clothes for the week – but some have claimed it is “way too organised.”

The savvy woman showed how she places her children’s outfits into drawers labelled up with days of the week. 


A mum has showed how she prepares her kids’ clothes for the entire week in one go to save timeCredit: FAMILY LOWDOWN TIPS & IDEAS/Facebook

The kids can then simply open the day’s drawer and dress themselves, or she can help them get ready with everything already laid out.

The mum even places their school bags on top of their storage units, so they can be easily grabbed in the morning.

The time-saving hack certainly shaves off time getting ready in the mornings, but some parents have said it must take hours to prepare at the weekend. 

One person commented on the Facebook group Family Lowdown Tips & Ideas saying: “Haven’t got time to be so on the ball.

“I prefer to wing it every morning with kids shouting ‘where’s my skirt, where’s my shoes’, got to love a morning of mayhem.”

Another added: “Am I the only one who thinks this actually looks like chaos?”

A third wrote: “Who has 5 of each thing.”

However, some people were in favour of the clothing station idea. 

One person commented: “My daughters and i have to say it works amazingly well and she loves it too.”

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