Mum of UK’s biggest family shares genius way she gets kids to wake up for school

With kids going back to school this week, mornings are busy again.

Whether it’s getting their lunch sorted or dropping them off at school, it’s not always easy for parents.

Even trying to wake them up in the mornings is a chore in itself, but now here’s a handy trick you can try.

Sue Radford, mum of the UK’s biggest family, has a smart way of getting her kids to wake up the mornings.

The household has nine kids at school, with four of them having already returned last week.

And now Sue revealed how she got 10-year-old Oscar out the door on time – and it involves his two youngest sisters.

In a clip on the family Instagram where they have over 406,000 followers, the mum shared her trick.

In the clip, the youngster can be seen climbing into her brother’s bed
(Image: @radfordfamily/Instagram)

She captioned the post: “Wake up. Just love this so much so sharing it onto my grid.

“Everyone needs a Heidie to wake them up. It’s the little back rub from Oscar that got me.”

In the video, which scooped 51,059 views, 18-month-old Heidie climbs into her brother’s bed, before being joined by Bonnie, three.

Sue asks Heidi in the clip: “Are you gonna wake Oscar? Come on Oscar.”

The mum’s youngest then yells: “Get up,” before pulling her older brother’s duvet off him, while he yawns in bed.

Sue, who’s giggling at this point, says: “Wake up, it’s school. Give him kisses, say morning Oscar.”

And finally Heidie climbs into her brother’s bed where Bonnie joins and says: “I can get in!

“Heidie, what are you doing in there?”

Then Bonnie joins in on the fun too
Then Bonnie joins in on the fun too
(Image: @radfordfamily/Instagram)

But the mum’s technique works wonders as the job is complete in 60 seconds with Oscar climbing out of bed right after.

It’s safe to say that other parents enjoyed the clip, with one writing: “Love they wake him up and then jump in his bed.”

Another added: “A breathing little alarm clock!”

While a third joked: “Can I borrow her to get my 17-year-old out of bed for college?!”

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