Mum on verge of tears after stranger hands her £5 in cafe with sentimental explanation

Jennie Lunt, 35, stopped off at a café to breastfeed her newborn baby when she had an encounter with a stranger that she says has helped give her her confidence back

Jennie wants to track down the kind stranger who gave her a fiver (Image: Liverpool Echo)

A mum has said she was left on the verge of tears after a woman she’d never met left a £5 note on her table at a café.

Jennie Lunt, a mum-of-two, was out with her four-month-old daughter Tia and her son Toby, two, when she stopped at a café to breastfeed baby Tia.

The 35-year-old stopped to speak to another woman in the queue at for the till, who was looking for money in her bag.

Jennie told the Liverpool Echo : “I was in the queue and she was standing out a bit and was looking for something, so I said to her ‘Do you want to go ahead?’ and she said she was trying to find her fiver.

“I thought she lost it, so said, ‘Have you dropped it?’ and offered to retrace her steps with her and she said, ‘I know it will turn up’.”

She described the woman as being in her late 50s with dark hair and wearing a purple coat. After their brief encounter, Jennie said the woman complimented little Tia and they went to sit down at different tables – although the woman was making smiling gestures towards Tia the entire time.

As the older woman got up to leave, Jennie said she walked towards her and put a fiver on her table.

“I thought she’d lost the fiver but she had wanted to give it to Tia,” Jennie said.

The mum admitted she was embarrassed at first because she didn’t need the money, and tried to return it.

But then the kind stranger explained why she wanted to make the lovely gesture.

“She put her hand on my shoulder and said, ‘I never had a daughter’ and [told me] to give it to her towards her college fund and I touched her hand,” said Jennie.

Recalling the meeting, Jennie said she was on the phone at the time and didn’t have time to find out more about the woman, who called herself ‘Nanny Jenny’, and tried to look out for her later on.

She said: “I don’t know whether she only had boys or what her story was. I thought in a way we’ve probably made her day too and she’s seen Tia and there’s been a spark there. It was so lovely.”

After a difficult birth with Tia, Jennie said the lovely woman and her kind gesture have helped her with her confidence, and she’s keen to track her down to thank her properly.

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