Mum praised for amazing ‘toddler snack hack’ but gets savaged for ‘unsafe’ oversight

WE’VE all had those days where our kids refuse to eat anything and everything we have in the house – and in these situations, you have to get creative.

Enter Carolina McCauley. Earlier this month, the Australian TikTok star shared her foolproof toddler snack hack with her 1.3m followers.


Carolina shared her hack with her 1.3m followersCredit: carolina.mccauley/Instagram
People were concerned if the silicone in the toy was safe


People were concerned if the silicone in the toy was safeCredit: carolina.mccauley/Instagram

She captioned the viral video: “This was oddly satisfying and totally worth a try.”

To begin with, Carolina takes one of her kids’ heart-shaped fidget pop it toys and placed blueberries in the groves.

Next, she filled the rest of the toy with berry flavoured yoghurt to create her healthy snack bar.

Finally, she scattered a generous amount of sprinkles over the top and then popped it in the freezer.

Once it had set, she then popped out her homemade snack and snapped it into kid-size bars.

Since it was posted earlier this week, the clip has already racked up over 304,000 views and 11,000 “likes”.

However, some viewers had concerns over whether the fidget popper was made from food-grade silicon.

In response to a fan who said she had washed it beforehand, one viewer replied: “Washing it is not a concern.


“Materials must meet specific standards to be considered safe to eat off.”

Another added: “You’re going to want to put down a sheet of [cling film] and do redo this.”

A third wrote: “It’s about the chemicals that end up in your food from non-food safe items being used for food.”

That said, other parents were grateful for the inspiration.

She topped the toy with yoghurt


She topped the toy with yoghurtCredit: carolina.mccauley/Instagram
She then snapped it into kid-size bars


She then snapped it into kid-size barsCredit: carolina.mccauley/Instagram

“Finally a good use for these pop it things,” a fourth wrote.

“Ohhh this is a great idea,” a fifth gushed.

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