Mum praised for sharing ‘raw parent moment’ in changing room with her baby

A parent has gone viral on TikTok after posting a video of an awkward situation she encountered while out shopping with her baby and she was praised for sharing the ‘raw’ moment

Sara’s video went viral (Image:

Having a baby can pose all sorts of challenges in everyday life, as one mum has recently found.

A TikTok user named Sara Attar, who posts under @sarabobsquarepant shared a clip online explaining how she had an awkward moment when out clothes shopping.

The parent was in the changing room, with her baby strapped to her body, but she soon realised she had nowhere to put the child while she tried on clothes.

So she decided to get a little creative.

Instead of placing her baby on the floor or on a chair, Sara used the straps of her carrier to hang the tot up on the clothes pegs.

The baby was perfectly safe and looked quite happy just to be hanging out.

Sara wrote on the video: “I had nowhere to put my baby while I tried on clothes in the fitting room.

“Wait for it…”

More than five million people have since watched the video, with it garnering over 900,000 likes and thousands of comments.

People were divided over the clip, but many praised the parent for sharing such a ‘raw’ and realistic moment of life as a mum.

One person said: “Immediately I said ‘did she hang up the baby?’ She did in fact, hang up the baby.”

Another replied: “No one better start with her. This is such a raw mom moment.”

A third commented: “Better than putting him on the dirty floor! He is SECURE let them be.”

While someone else posted: “This just shows doing a simple daily task with kids can be hard!!”

A different user added: “If this bothers you, you’re not a parent.”

A sixth asked: “The REAL question is did he like your outfits or naw?”

“You gotta do what you gotta do sometimes,” proclaimed a seventh.

Have you been in a similar situation with your kids? Let us know in the comments below.


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