Mum puts up Christmas decorations in October and tells ‘Grinches’ to ‘live and let live’

How early is too early to put up your Christmas tree? Many of us wait until after Halloween before we start decking the halls.

But in the case of Tracey Geach, it’s never too early to spread some festive cheer.

There may be more than 80 days until Christmas, but the 34-year-old put all her sparkly decorations up two weeks ago – including an 8ft tree, which took more than five hours to complete with baubles, tinsel and a fairy on top.

The mum-of-four, from Cornwall, has been putting up her festive decorations in October every year since her children were babies.

What’s more – she’s already bought all her Christmas presents.

Tracey says she buys everything while sticking to a strict budget, grabbing decorations throughout the year from charity shops and from Facebook Marketplace.

Tracey Geach loves spreading festive cheer

She said: “We adore Christmas, it’s a magical time of year – so why not start it early?

“My family loves it too – including my partner Derren. We’ve been putting up our Christmas tree in October for years.

“My two youngest help me put up the decorations – and they have their own Christmas trees too. They love it and it’s something we do together every year – it’s such a magical time.

“My dad left my mum and I when I was a baby on Christmas Eve, so my mum made sure to make Christmas special every year. She’s our superhero – and I want to carry on the same tradition.”

But Tracey, who posted a photo of her tree on social media, said not everyone is appreciative of her getting into the Christmas spirit early.

Tracey Geach
Tracey has put her Christmas tree up – and this year she’s gone with a purple theme

Tracey Geach
The family is already counting down until the big day

She said: “Response is divided on social media.

“Lots of people say it’s taking away the magic of children for the children – but mine adore Christmas.

“We have birthdays in October, November and December, so they all have a Christmas theme.

“I would say to all the Grinches out there, live and let live – you don’t have to live with it if you don’t want to!

“There’s too much sadness in the world, so why not make Christmas last longer!

“I would like for people not to judge and realise as long as we’re all happy we’re not hurting anyone There are too many sad things and negativity in the world.”

Tracey Geach
Tracey went all out with Christmas decorations on previous years too

Tracey Geach
Tracey goes all out with lights and tinsel too

Tracey continued: “I even bribed my partner into dressing as Santa for a photoshoot where he works, so he’s in on it too.

“When the trick or treaters come round for Halloween at the end of October, they always wish us a merry Christmas too as they see the house is covered in festive decorations.

“I call the neighbours into the house to have a look – and the couriers, they all love it too!”

Tracey says the colour theme of her decorations changes every year – and she’s opted for purple and silver this year.

She revealed: “It took more than five hours to put up all the decorations, and there are six sets of lights on my tree.

“The kids held the lights and span around the tree with me – and we did it while listening to Christmas songs. “

Tracey Geach
Tracey ignores Christmas haters who criticise her festive obsession

Tracey added: “I’ve already done all my Christmas shopping, and I do Christmas Park Savings – a savings club throughout the year – to make it more affordable.

“I look in charity shops for decorations – they’re amazing, and you know it’s making you happy and it’s for a good cause. I also look on Facebook selling sites.

“My partner and children had Covid in August, so I was determined to make this Christmas as memorable as possible.”

On Christmas Day itself, Tracey says the family really celebrate – she’s up from 6am and the whole family enjoys chocolate for breakfast.

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