Mum replicates Rihanna’s steamy shower snap and leaves fans in hysterics

A mum left fans in stitches when she attempted to replicate Rihanna’s sexy shower snap.

Celeste Barber hosed herself off in the shower, pulling her knickers forward in the same way Ri Ri did in an old photoshoot.

The comedian, from Australia, replicates the Bajan singer’s pose and leaves her mouth wide open.

She posted the amusing parody on Instagram with the caption: “Hygiene is very important”.

More than 357,000 people have liked the post– with many admitting it left them in stitches.

One commenter wrote: “You are a scream. Not sure how hygiene and showering in your undies works?”

Another said: “The real question is. Why are we wearing undies in the shower?”

A third remarked: “Omg I just snorted laughing.”

Another said: “You make my day everyday. I love you and your humour.”

And a fifth added: “The caption is priceless.”

Want to read more about Celeste? Don’t go anywhere as we’ve got you covered.

It’s not the first time Celeste has replicated a saucy Rihanna picture

The social media personality lives in Sydney, Australia.

She started out as an actress but has made a name for herself as a comedian.

More than 8.3 million people follow the mum on Instagram, where parody posts are her passion.

In recent months, she’s taken the Mick out of Emily Ratajkowski for hanging a self portrait up in her home.

She’s also attempted to dance like Cardi B and pose like Rita Ora – with hilarious results.

And let’s not forget when she replicated Bella Hadid’s sexy lingerie snap.

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