Mum reveals simple hack to stop your kids EVER dropping their toys

EVERY mum will be all too aware of the thankless task of constantly picking up your baby’s toys, only for them to instantly throw them on the floor again.

Well two mums have revealed a very simple hack to stop your kids from ever chucking their toys off their high chair again.


New mums Sarah and Laura have shared their “genius” tip for stopping babies from throwing their toys on the floorCredit: TheSmithStory/Twitter

New mums Sarah and Laura took to their Twitter account TheSmithStory, where they shared the “genius” trick after becoming sick of their own daughter’s habit for dropping her toys.

The mums, from Birmingham, wrote: “So Annabel LOVES chucking toys off her highchair. We don’t LOVE picking them up.”

Sharing with their 1600 Twitter followers, the blogger mums shared how they used a string which they tied around the highchair table and intertwined with the toys.

By doing this the rattle toys can still be used to full capacity with one difference – they cannot fall off the table.

“So, I tied the toys to the table and voila we are all happy” added the mums. 

“Think we can call this a victory for Mums vs Annabelle. #mumhack #mummyblogger.”

It is important to remind mums never to leave a baby unattended with string.

The couple regularly share insights to their relationship, their travelling adventures, and their journey to parenthood. on their blog The Smith Story

Their daughter, Anabelle is also a big feature in their blog, and they have recently received a nomination for Teletext Holiday’s ‘Best Travel with Kids’ Blog.

In a recent blog post titled “Baby Blogging – Non-Bio Mama Story!” Laura speaks about the couple’s journey with IVF as a same-sex couple.

Laura said: “When we started talking about having kids, we had discussed that we would both ideally like to have one each but planned on Sarah going first as she definitely wanted to carry (I was on the fence about it!) and she is 5 years older than me. 

“I didn’t feel at all concerned about not having a biological connection to my child – I think maybe it was because from early on we knew that if we were to have kids that it would be likely the case for one of us, whether it was through one of us having the child, or if we’d adopted.”

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