Mum roasted after showing off three-year-old son and ‘fussy’ husband’s lunchboxes

A WOMAN has proudly showed off the elaborate packed lunches she makes for her husband and three-year-old son – but can you tell which is which?

The Australian mum said her husband is “fussier” than their infant son who is an “eating machine.”


Can you tell which lunch belongs to her husband?Credit: Lunchbox Ideas Australia/Facebook
The woman said her man is fussier than their three-year-old who enjoys this lunch most days


The woman said her man is fussier than their three-year-old who enjoys this lunch most daysCredit: Lunchbox Ideas Australia/Facebook

At first glance you’d probably assume the bigger and more elaborate meal was her husband’s meal, but he prefers a far simpler lunch.

The three-year-old’s lunch includes a healthy mix of fruit and veg- including mango, strawberries, red pepper, corn – as well as pizza, a sandwich, yoghurt, cheese and a hard boiled egg.

And for the husband, the woman prepared what’s looks to be far less food with a white-bread sandwich, three slices of pizza and snacks including a muesli bar, an apple, crisps and a pot of yoghurt. 


“My husband is fussier than the three-year-old, he likes a super simple lunch,” she wrote in a post on Facebook.

Members of the group were blown away by how much effort she puts into making two different lunches everyday.

Loads of people suggested her man make his own lunch if he continues to be “that fussy”.

But some thought the gesture was rather sweet and said the meals “look great,” Mail Online reports.

It’s not the first time doting wives have admitted to taking the time to prepare their husband’s meals.

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