Mum rows with husband’s family after sister-in-law calls her son ‘funny looking’

First birthday parties are usually a fun way to celebrate your child, get lots of snaps and allow family members to get to know the little one.

But, sadly, things don’t always go to plan.

This was the case for one mum who got caught up in a row because she decided to exclude her husband’s mum and sister from the invites.

Posting on Reddit, the woman asked for advice after her husband accused her or stirring up drama by not letting his family come to their child’s party.

She revealed that she’d decided not to allow them to attend after she overheard them say her son was “funny-looking”, reports the Mirror.

And, the pair refused to apologise for their comments.

She refused to let them come to the party

Posting online, the mum said: “Three weeks after giving birth, my mother-in-law and sister-in-law came to see my son at my house. They both offered to do some housework, to help my husband and me.

“They were both in the kitchen when I went downstairs to get something. I heard my sister-in-law say ‘the baby … isn’t he funny looking?’ My mother-in-law laughed and told her to save that conversation for another time.

“We all know that “funny looking” is code for “ugly” so I was supremely angry. When I called them out for what they were saying, they excused themselves by saying it was an innocent comment and that they weren’t being serious when they said that…

“My son’s 1st birthday is next weekend and I invited most of our relatives except my mother-in-law and sister-in-law.

“When my husband asked me why I didn’t want his mother and sister there, I reminded him of what they said about our son the first time they met him, and I told him that I still can’t get over their comments (mostly because they haven’t even apologised or something similar).”

The mum was raging at the response
The mum was raging at the response

She added: “My husband is mad at me now because I refuse to have them at the party. He says that everyone makes comments about the appearance of babies and that his mother and sister did not want to hurt me by what they said.

“He says I’m being unreasonable for not forgiving them.”

Lots of people in the comments thought she needed to move on.

One wrote: “It’s been almost a year and you’re still upset about a comment that you weren’t even supposed to hear?

“Sorry, but your baby probably *was* funny looking – newborns usually are. It’s way past time to let this go. Your husband is completely right.”

While another added: “I have a two-month-old and while I think she’s just the cutest, there are times I swear she looks like an old man, especially when she’s screaming bloody murder.”

And a third said: “Your husband doesn’t agree with excluding relatives from his child’s life or important events, and it seems you’ve been stewing over this without any actual conversation for twelve months.”

“Infants often look like potatoes,” joked another.

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