Mum says parents ‘ostracised’ her at school because tattoos ‘send wrong message’

Heading back to school can be a daunting experience – not just for the kids but for parents too.

And one mum has shared on Reddit how she’s fallen victim to “Karens” in the playground.

She believes being a working mum with tattoos has singled her out from the others.

On the second school run of the year, she’s already been excluded by the other mums at the school.

Feeling left out, the mum revealed the drama behind the petty behaviour.

She explained: “Apparently being a working mother means I don’t have time for the important things like the ‘get to know each other brunch’.”

The hard working mum was a target because of her tattoos

The ostracised mum continued: “My tattoos ‘send the wrong message about the other mums ’.”

The Redditor felt she had time travelled back to a place where women were more likely to stay at home to look after their children and hubbies.

She said: “I’m sorry, did I accidentally step into the 19-f***ing-50’s?”

However, the mum didn’t change who she was for the trolls.

She added: “Upon collecting my son I made sure to have more tattoos on show because, quite frankly, discrimination of any kind infuriates me.”

waving girl off to school
The ‘Karen’ club have made the school run very awkward for the mum

Many people related to the mum’s post and found that they too were victims of their own ‘Karen’ clique in the playground.

One user commented: “As the only dad dropping my kids off at school in my kids year I’ve been totally ignored haha it’s so bad. Tried smiling, small talk, nothing. The mum club is real.”

Another person added: “School playground. Hated it when I was a kid, hated it more as a parent.”

And a third revealed: “The group of parents at school are the type that drop them off in PJs, not the brunch type but by god did they look down on you when you wore a suit for pick up as you’d been working.”

The original poster provided a juicy update about the mum club, “Just found out that the main Karen’s husband works for a company that I hire as a third party, and he doesn’t like her either.”

We didn’t realise how dramatic the school run was…

Let us know in the comments if you hate the school run as well!

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