Mum sends eight-year-old son to school with LOBSTER TAIL and candied pecans at ‘his request’

GONE seem to be the days of a simple sandwich, museli bar and fruit being packed by parents for their children’s lunches.

A mother has wowed the internet with the luxurious food she prepared for her eight-year-old son’s lunch box – but not everyone is impressed.


The eight-year-old was given lobster for lunchCredit: Facebook

In a post uploaded to Facebook, a proud husband uploaded a photo of his son’s lunchbox, which included lobster salad with cranberries, blueberries, feta and nuts, three gourmet KitKat bars and slices of orange and white peach.

He said the lunch had been ‘requested’ by their son, which resulted in a debate on the social media site.

“My wife is killing it for our son. He requested lobster,” he wrote.


“After this picture was taken she removed the shell and sliced the lobster tail. It is meant to be served cold.”

The post accumulated 1,600 ‘likes’ in less than 24 hours after it was shared online, with hundrds of people sharing their thoughts on the meal.

While some thought it was excessive, the majority complimented the mother for exposing her son to exotic flavours and widening his culinary horizons.

Some people couldn’t help but make jokes or write sarcastic comments but others said how impressed they were.

“My daughter had this same lunch last week, but muffins instead of the KitKats and instead of lobster, peanut butter and jelly,” one person joked.

“Dear Lord! I want rich parents to feed me lobster for lunch,” another said one woman wrote.

“I love this. Sometimes my darlings have a desire for the not so normal for lunch, and we embrace it. Your wife is doing great!” a third person wrote.

A fourth added: “This looks amazing, you did a great job. Shrug off the haters. They don’t count! All I see in this pic is an expression of love for you son.”

People complimented the mother for exposing her son to exotic flavours


People complimented the mother for exposing her son to exotic flavoursCredit: Getty – Contributor

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