Mum shamed by teacher as packed lunch isn’t ‘simple’ enough for daughter

Knowing what to pack in your kids lunch can be a struggle at times.

So instead of packing her daughter the same sandwich every day, a mum decided to get a bit creative with the lunch.

Despite her best efforts, she has been shamed by her daughter’s teacher.

The mum took to Facebook and posted some pictures of the lunches she makes for her child, who is in reception, which appear to be healthy and balanced.

She told fellow parents she provides her daughter with leftovers, fruit, vegetables and yoghurt.

But shockingly, the mum claims she has been told to “simplify” her packed lunches as the other kids have become jealous.

The colourful lunch has faced criticism by her child’s teacher

Since the incident, the mum has said she has been finding it difficult to come up with “simple” lunch ideas that her daughter can.

The mum said: “I see some mamas sending lobster and seafood and very fancy, beautiful lunches.

“I think her teacher would just about have a heart attack if I did.”

She admitted that the lunches she provides her daughter are not even extravagant or special.

lunch box
The neatly divided lunch the mum provides her young daughter

People quickly took to the comments to provide support to the mum and encouraged her to carry on with the way she is making lunch.

One person commented: “All I see is healthy prepared meals. You’re not even cutting the fruits and veggies into special shapes lol. That teacher needs to calm down.”

Another user added: “Those lunches look great and super kindergarten appropriate.

“Why should you feed your daughter less of what she likes just because other parents don’t pack good lunches.”

A third person noted: “Just because I make my daughter a ham sandwich doesn’t mean it’s made with any less love than this meal.

“But I would love if my daughter saw someone eating a lunch like this and asked me to make it.”

One person even saw this as a learning opportunity for the teacher: “This looks like a teaching opportunity for the teacher. She can teach the kids how to react positively when they feel jealous of something another person has.

“This is definitely not your problem.”

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