Mum shamed by trolls for spending 66p on discounted cake for daughter’s birthday

The proud parent was criticised for freezing the discounted cake after snapping up the bargain buy in a supermarket ahead of her daughter’s birthday in a few weeks

A mum hit back at trolls after being dubbed a “cheap ass” for freezing a discounted cake she bought for her daughter’s birthday.

The shopper was shamed over the bargain buy after she shared her bargain buy on social media.

She had bought the stylish drip cake for just 66p ($1.25) at Coles supermarket in New South Wales, Australia, while it normally retails for £13 ($25).

She shared a photo of her bargain buy on social media, saying the dessert was “perfect” for her daughter’s birthday.

‘Fingers crossed we will be able to celebrate together in three weeks. Will just pop in the freezer till then,’ she wrote in a Facebook group called Retail Reductions Australia.

The woman proudly shared her bargain buy on social media
The woman said she planned to freeze the cake

Retail Reductions Australia)

However, some took particular issue with the mum for planning on freezing the supermarket cake, reports the Mail Online, with some fearing that the cake may have already been frozen before.

“You’re not supposed to refreeze already thawed stuff – but yes, great bargain if spending $25 on your kid’s cake is too much.

“Yes, I like a bargain just like the next person… If $25 is too much for a cake that hasn’t been frozen twice and is four weeks old then hey, each to their own.

“There’s catching a bargain and just being downright cheap a** but as I said – great bargain.” one blunt woman wrote.

Others jumped to the mum’s defence, as one replied to the comment: “Really? You don’t see anything wrong with what you just said? Basically shaming anyone who can’t spend $25 on a cake.

“Some people can’t, don’t be miserable and think you’re high and mighty. You’re on a retail reductions page – not a ‘I’m better than everyone else and mother of the year’ page.”

After the woman was taken to task for her blunt opinion, she blasted back: “Go away Karen.”

Others urged the mum to check it was safe to freeze the cake, as one commented: “Refreezing is not the best because in the thawing and refreezing, moisture is lost and quality is lessened.”

But others praised the mum for scoring a great deal, with one saying: ‘What an absolute steal! Good job.’

According to the NHS, foods stored in the freezer, such as ice cream and frozen desserts, should not be returned to the freezer once they have thawed.

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