Mum shamed for asking fellow parent to uninvite son’s bully from birthday party

Every parents wants their best for their child, but one mum left people divided, after asking her friend to uninvite a child to her son’s birthday party, because he is a bully

The mum faced criticism over her actions (stock image)

Parenting can be a tough slog, but the moments of joy, fun and cheer make it worthwhile.

But it can be hard to know when you may be overstepping your boundaries, as a parent determined to protect your child.

One mum came under fire recently, while trying to protect her son, who has recently faced some bullying.

After learning that the bully was set to attend a friend’s son’s birthday party, she requested that he was uninvited, so her son would feel safe.

But she faced a backlash online, with people split over her efforts to have the boy excluded from his friend’s birthday.

Her son has been bullied (stock image)


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Taking to Reddit, she explained that her son is set to attend his friend’s eighth birthday – alongside his bully.

She wrote: “When my son would see him at the playground, etc he would mock his weight, calling him fat and messing with him when he has different toys with him.

“There were a couple of times where my son was playing with a couple of other children and this kid sent my son home crying about what he did to him.

“I’ve talked to my son about bullying, etc and how to deal with stuff like this, but he still is affected by it.”

The mum approached the boy’s parent, but it didn’t go well, as she added: “I confronted this other woman about her son before and told her that he must be learning his bad habits somewhere and it’s probably her bad parenting that’s leading to this. She brushed me off and didn’t listen to what I was saying.”

So she decided to take matters into her own hands, by getting the boy uninvited from his friend’s party.

“So a couple of days ago I was hanging out with my friend and she mentioned her son’s party and she brought up about how she planned on inviting this child,” she added.

“I then told her about what he does to my son and she got angry and upset about it. I said to her that I would appreciate it if she uninvited him to prevent him giving my son a hard time at the party.

“My friend agreed to do so. I don’t think I’m in the wrong here by any means, but some people have been telling me that I’m out of line here.”

Now the mum is wondering if he overreacted – since some fellow parents have criticised her actions.

She seemed to get a lot of support from fellow Reddit users, with plenty backing her.

One said: “To some extent, you have to let kids figure things out amongst themselves. But this situation is beyond this. You went to his mother and tried to talk face to face about it and she did nothing.

“Because the other mother did nothing — her son is now being excluded from parties and things for being a bully. Actions have consequences. Protect your baby any way you can mama bear.”

Another criticised her for approaching the bully’s mum in such an aggressive way, as they added: “Would you listen to another patent whose first approach is saying ‘you’re a bad parent’ without actually talking to you.

“I get why she did it but if a parent comes to me and start insulting me I probably won’t listen to what they are saying.”

A third added: “I don’t think it was right of you to ask her to not invite that kid. I just think it is up to her who to invite.”

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