Mum shares clever kitchen hack to stopping boiling water from spilling over the pan

ARE you sick of your pots boiling over and making your hob harder to clean? See this clever trick to make both cooking and cleaning easier.

Using the most easily found ingredient in your kitchen, the mum’s revelation has left many wondering how they didn’t know about the hack sooner.


A mum shares her kitchen hackCredit: Tiktok/@kristyehmer
This easy trick can stop a pot from boiling over


This easy trick can stop a pot from boiling overCredit: Tiktok/@kristyehmer

Taking to her TikTok channel, the mum posted the video of how she stops the annoying instances of pots bubbling over when cooking.

Posting under the domain @kristyehmer the mum captioned the video “Life Hack, why did I not know about this till now.”

Revealing the hack, the mum places just one ice cube in a pot of overflowing boiling water.

She said: “Someone said that if you throw an ice cube in a pan that’s boiling over it will stop the foam.”

Adding: “So I wanted to try and see if this little life hack works.”

After she throws in the ice cube, the foam immediately starts to reduce.

“Get out,” says the mum in amazement.

In the comments section, the mum said that she knew there were other ways to stop the pot from boiling over but this way was the fastest.

“I’m aware I could have just turned down the heat or lifted the pan but that takes a lot longer to stop the boiling over than this did,” she said.

The post, which has over 1700 views, was met by a range of comments with many suggesting she uses a wooden spoon as another hack.

“Wooden spoon works best” commented one person.

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Hey presto- the foam goes down


Hey presto- the foam goes downCredit: Tiktok/@ kristyehmer


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