Mum shares easy oven tray hack which keeps kids entertained for hours & means you can have a minute to yourself

HAVING a baby is a joy to all parents but that doesn’t mean you don’t want a minute to yourself every now and again.

Parents will try all sorts to entertain their kids so they can have a moment of silence to themselves.


The oven tray filled with water stops children getting bored in their bouncerCredit: Instagram/@thimbleandcloth/

Parents are always trying new toys for sensory play and one mum has found the perfect hack to keep her kid entertained whilst exploring her senses.

While baby door bouncers are a great way to teach children sensory skills and motor skills, they can often get bored after a few minutes of being in there.

Mum to three children, Lindy Dodge who lives in the Pacific Northwest shared the hack to her instagram account, thimbleandcloth.

Lindy also makes and sells luxury home and baby goods and shares them on her Instagram account along with home interiors.

In the video, Lindy simply gets an oven tray and fills it with water.

She then places it underneath the doorway baby bouncer and puts her kids in.

Lindy writes in the video: “Just gotta get dinner in the oven. Have fun, kid.”

The baby is having a great time splashing about in the little water pool their mum made.

The water adds another sensory tool which means kids will not get bored as quickly when they are in the bouncer with nothing else to play with.

Lindy’s caption read: “It’s the thighs for me.”

Users couldn’t get over how cute the video was and lots of people commented on what a genius hack it is.

Lots of people suggested putting a towel or matt down to stop any damage to the flooring.

“Brilliant! Wish I had thought of the water sensory when I had babes!” The user adds: “Love this.”

Another user responded: “That’s genius! My kids tired of the jumper quickly, a nice tray of water to splash in would definitely have been thrilling!”

A third person commented: “This is brilliant and adorable at the same time.”

Lots of people thought the hack was genius and want to try it for their kids


Lots of people thought the hack was genius and want to try it for their kidsCredit: Instagram/@thimbleandcloth/

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