Mum shares genius dinner time tip which means you’ll NEVER have to shout up the stairs for your kids again

A HOUSEHOLD with children is rarely quiet, from running up and down the stairs to playtime.

Kids these days are usually found in their rooms, socializing with friends online.

Heather was fed up with shouting around the home credit: TikTok

Heather is mum to two boys


Heather is mum to two boys credit: TikTok

Parents often have to shout up to their kids across the home to ensure homework is done, they’re ready for school, or dinner is on the table.

But most of us hate having to shout all day, and luckily, one mum has revealed her hack for having a slightly quieter household.

Heather, aged 33, owns her own business making and selling handmade craft items.

She is also a mum to two boys and has revealed the perfect way to call your kids without even having to open your mouth.

She shared the hack on her TikTok account, geordieginfan, and the video has been viewed almost 1 million times.

In the video, Heather said: “When dinner is on the table, but there is no child, what do you do?”

Heather then shows that she has a doorbell in the dining room.

“You ring the doorbell.”

But the doorbell does not ring because someone is at the door.

Heather has cleverly installed the doorbell to ring from the dining room to the upstairs of her house.

Meaning Heather no longer has to shout around the house to find where her two boys are when dinner is on the table.

As she goes towards the stairs and the doorbell rings, one of her sons shouts out: “I AM ON THE TOILET.”

The genius hack was well-loved by parents, and they found the situation all too similar.

Heather added that the shouting drives her mad, and using the doorbell has been a game-changer.

“This is brilliant!” Said, one user.

Another user commented: “Bahahahaha. This happens at my house too.”

A third user replied: “I’ve heard those words before!!!”

Heather's doorbell trick means the house is a little quieter


Heather’s doorbell trick means the house is a little quite credit: TikTok

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